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Summer has officially arrived and with the new season, one thing is crucial for all terraces and gatherings with friends and family: cocktails! To start summer 2020 with golden letters here is the recipe for a new cocktail made “with stars”. The Clicquot’Cino is a new cocktail created by Edgard Bovier in collaboration with Veuve Clicquot.

Edgard Bovier is the Michelin-starred chef at the Lausanne Palace in Lausanne (Switzerland). Together with the famous Champagne Maison Veuve Clicquot, they invented an original cocktail called Clicquot’Cino. Described as a breath of freshness that will blow on the terraces this summer. It is the perfect mixture of citrus and sparkling fruity champagne.

Edgard Bovier is passionate about the South of Europe and the amazing products we can find there. Following his passions, he launched his own Limoncino brand. 100% natural and handcrafted, the Limoncino by Edgard Bovier respects the original know-how of the authentic limoncino and has become a true reference in its field.

His love for Mediterranean cuisine and exceptional products led him to create this very fresh, simple, and daring cocktail. The Clicquot’Cino is within everyone’s reach. A refreshing creation to taste in trendy bars in French-speaking Switzerland or to prepare at home to the delight of its guests. Here is the recipe by Edgard Bovier. You will not regret it.

• Fill a large cocktail glass with ice cubes
• Place a slice of ORGANIC lemon
• Add a sprig of thyme
• Pour 4 cl of Limoncino by Edgard Bovier
• Complete with 1 dl of Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne Yellow Card
• As a wink, the chef suggests grating a lemon zest which will enhance the cocktail
• Serve and taste


You can find a special kit to make this cocktail on It is a special package in which you will have:

  • 2 Giftbox 75 cl Veuve Clicquot Carte Jaune Brut
  • 1 bottle LIMONCINO 50cl By Edgard Bovier, made exclusively from ORGANIC lemons from AMALFI, 2nd distillation to obtain an alcohol level of 32 ° c
  • 2 Veuve Clicquot cocktail glasses

The Maison Veuve Clicquot has remained faithful to its motto: “une seule qualité́, la toute première“. Madame Clicquot was a daring and innovative woman. Nicknamed the great lady of Champagne, she took over the reins of the Maison in 1805 and became one of the first modern businesswomen. Her vision and innate sense of the French art of living continue to exist today in the House which bears her name through its remarkable collection of champagnes, which includes the emblematic Carte Jaune.


The Veuve Clicquot know-how, under the direction of the Cellar Master Didier Mariotti, is based on four essential elements:

  • The predominance of Pinot Noir
  • The addition of precious reserve wines
  • The terroir in which the vineyard is located and prolonged aging
  • Wines

Each champagne thus represents in its own way the Veuve Clicquot style, perfect balance between power, aromatic intensity, freshness, and silky.

Summer is here so let’s enjoy great moments with beloved ones. The new Clicquot’cino cocktail will for sure be the star of terraces. Do not hesitate to taste it and you will adopt it until the end of summer (if not more).


José Amorim
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