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JM Weston represents the charming Parisian luxury. By bringing back the iconic “Drugstore gang”, the luxury shoes house revamped the idea of fearless youth, almost timeless and that each one of us would like to get some back. By doing this, they cleverly reintroduced the Weston woman. In the sixties, just before the French riots of 1968, this golden youth would be the most elegant and party oriented of all. Called as well the “minets du Drugstore” they definitely became an icon of freedom and personality. The Weston woman is the complete symbol of this heritage. And now, she is here to stay!

Women and Mocassins, a story of elegance written in JM Weston DNA

Since the sixties, women have found their happiness among JM Weston shoes. It was always this idea to take something masculine and re-use it in a feminine way. So women from all horizons have stolen the mocassin to bring a certain casualness to their looks.
The following decades saw the rise of a more active woman, leading her private life with the same intensity as their career. Fashion and accessories needed to adapt to this more dynamic lifestyle, so high wheels were not necessary the only ideal shoes. Brands started developing a more active and casual fashion. It was the rise of Prêt-à-Porter and the “Sur-Mesure”.
JM Weston is a brand that fits entirely this new lifestyle and the contemporary life that most women have. Rather than letting women find their own way in the brand collections, JM Weston decided to reinvent a true collection dedicated to the ladies in 2013. Michel Perry, as the brand Artistic Director, took as a challenge to bring to life the Weston woman. She is deeply in love with women and he knows how important shoes are for a woman. The eyes might be the mirror of ones soul but a woman’s shoes are the symbol of their mood, personality and even desires. In 2013 JM Weston revealed a full dedicated collection for women. They took the strong codes of the brand and revamped them in order to bring a more softer and sophisticated touch. At that time they had Isild le Besco as the face for the communication campaign.
This first chapter set the tone for the Weston women: timeless, away from short time trends, elegant and with great personality. Two years later the Weston woman takes the lead and decide to get empowered with the brand’s heritage of freedom, strong personality and a certain idea of an active life. She is young, probably rebel yet highly intelligent and knows how to play with her powers.

The JM Weston woman, the Parisian woman with all her attributes

JM Weston is for sure the symbol of a certain idea of the French luxury. More than French, it is also an idea of the Parisian elegance. So yes, the JM Weston woman is Parisian. She has this “je ne sais quoi” that makes all the difference. In 1893, Arsène Houssaye wrote an article about the “Parisienne”, he explains: “The Parisian woman was born all flamboyant of poetry by the pencil of Gavarni and the hand of Balzac“. The French writer also says: “To become a Parisienne, one must be born greedy, capricious, ambitious, pretty and lovely“. She became a stereotype of femininity and a role model for many generations of women.


, Kiraz or Margaux Motin, painters and illustrators draw the portrait of this amazing woman by highlighting her elegant and charismatic silhouette. The Allure. John Galliano simplified the definition of the Parisienne: “…she has mainly a nice hair cut and nice shoes…“. Another interesting angle was brought by famous film director and fashion expert Loic Pringent. For him, the Parisian woman is not only about the outfit, it is a true state of mind. She will wear a Chanel Bag and still shout in the streets if something upset her. She is loyal to classics but happy to change one or 2 things about it.
As we can see, the Parisienne is a power woman, natural, sophisticated and with a strong personality. She knows what she likes and expect from brands to understand that. JM Weston paints a very interesting contemporary image of this woman, a true inspiration for a young and active woman for who the importance of details is crucial.

The 2015 JM Weston women’s collection: all must-haves!

The new JM Weston women’s collection is quite outstanding. They are all essentials of s contemporary elegance. The model choices, the materials and the colours are perfectly balanced and will be the perfect companion of elegance for every occasion. Matching the strength of the shoes with the delicacy of the design is the subtle restraint of the J.M. Weston woman : it’s a mindset. From the base of the famous Mocassin 180, bottines and richelieux, the JM Weston woman makes her choices following her desires and making a statement of her personality.
chaussures-femme-weston femme-JM-WEston JM-Weston-2015 JM-Weston-shoes-women JM-Weston-Woman-shoes JM-Weston-Women-Mocassin la-femme-weston weston-jm-femme-collection weston-woman-penny-loafer

Since the beginning of the years 2000, we feel we lost a precise vision of women. They are multiple, from stereotypes to niche models. JM Weston brings a sharp vision of femininity. This woman is young, free, always in the move. She is active and chic. You can discover more about the amazing universe of JM Weston by visiting the official website: 

La Parisienne is an interesting  symbol for today’s women and JM Weston has a high legitimacy to express its brand in this specific territory.


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