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The Luxury industry sold for more than USD 284Billion last year (Deloitte). Fashion itself was responsible for USD 95Billion, which is 33.5% of the total luxury industry. Since the 2009 crisis, luxury brands have developed their businesses quite well. Historic players would evolve towards a more digital approach while newcomers would sometimes level up the game of luxury, setting up new standards. Here are our top 5 new luxury brands you should watch for in 2020 onwards.

Luxury Hightech: OPPO, the ultimate mobile phone you need

Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd, commonly referred to as OPPO, is a Chinese consumer electronics and mobile communications company headquartered in Dongguan, Guangdong, in China, and known for its smartphones, Blu-ray players and other electronic devices. A leading manufacturer of smartphones, OPPO was the top smartphone brand in China in 2019 and was ranked No. 5, in market share, worldwide. The Chinese company has expanded worldwide for the past years and has a big ambition to compete with Samsung and Apple. Since 2019 the mobile phone brand became the official sponsor of Tennis GrandSlam tournament Roland Garros and has launched several high-end phones. This year they are launching their smartwatch as well and represent a great appeal to luxury customers. You can discover more about the great world of OPPO by visiting the official website here:


Luxury Fashion: CECILIE BAHNSEN, New must-have Brand

Cecilie Rosted Bahnsen is a Danish fashion designer. In 2010, she finished her studies at the Royal College of Art in London. Subsequently, she was in an internship with John Galliano in Paris. In 2015, she started her own label, Cecilie Bahnsen. In 2016, she won a Danish Design Talent award. She is the first Danish designer to have been nominated for the LVMH award in 2017, where she was one of eight finalists. Her designs are inspired by traditional techniques and have simple and feminine silhouettes, characterized by a penchant for structure and craftsmanship.

Cecilie Bahnsen operates at the intersection of couture and ready-to-wear to create luxury clothing with a relaxed, timeless style. Celebrating the traditions of fine French fashion and the design culture of Scandinavia, the collections combine craftsmanship and details with architectural volumes and sculptural silhouettes to offer a contemporary take on femininity. Visit the brand official website to learn more:


Luxury Automobile: GENESIS MOTORS, a Dream car come true

Genesis Motor, LLC, commonly referred to as Genesis, is the luxury vehicle division of the South Korean vehicle manufacturer Hyundai Motor Group. Initially envisioned along with the plan for Hyundai’s new luxury sedan, the Hyundai Genesis, in 2004, the Genesis brand was officially announced as an independent marque on 4 November 2015, launching their first Genesis standalone model, the Genesis G90, in 2017. Since then the South Korean luxury brand evolved in order to conquer the world and this year they are promoting the launch of their first luxury SUV, Genesis GV80. Visit the brand official website to learn more:


Luxury Fragrances: PUREDISTANCE, ultimate elegance at all levels

PUREDISTANCE was founded by Jan Ewoud Vos in the Netherlands. Their main offices are in the city of Groningen. Installed in a historical building, Mr. Ewoud Vos gathered a team of creative people who will give the essence of the PUREDISTANCE universe. It is by far one of the most exclusive fragrances collection in the world and every detail is carefully taken care of by the very best craftsmen.

The first fragrance was launched in 2007, called Puredistance I. Since then the collection has grown to amazing olfactory creations that you will not find similar elsewhere. This year, the luxury fragrance house launched Puredistance GOLD. After the successful launch of Black and White, now with the launch of GOLD, Puredistance reveals a new palette of golden colors created to illustrate the timeless concept of chic gold. Being the fifth creation of Antoine Lie for Puredistance, GOLD is a veritable feast of the rarest and most precious natural ingredients.

You can discover more about PUREDISTANCE by visiting the brand official website and check for their point of sales:


Luxury Watches: VICENTERRA, authentic luxury craftsmanship

VICENTERRA is about a human adventure, the adventure of Vincent Plomb, a man-made for challenges and entrepreneurship into watches creation. It is also a trip in which the steps are as important as the goal, and a journey which essence is human relationships. But most importantly VICENTERRA is a tribute to the history of humankind that can be summarized with verbs such as to dare, to excel, to discover, to achieve, and to transmit.

In 2005 the first sketches of his ideas on watch complications took shape. Then, it hafollowed by R&D, establishing drafting plans, wording,  a set of drawings, and a search for partners to carry out the prototypes.  Equally needed was an expert able to supervise the complicated assembly.

Finally in 2008, both prototypes equipped with 3D complications emerged from the creative turmoil. Designs revealing the three heavenly bodies that pace our lives. This is the origin of the Vincent Plomb ideas’ box. In 2010 he extracted the « Earth phase » complication, accompanied it with other functions, and registered the Vicenterra trademark.

Since then, the Swiss brand developed a solid collection of luxury exclusive watches that not only give you exact time but above all, make you dream. You can visit the brand website here for more information:


Luxury brands are eternal. Despite the Covid-19 crisis, Luxury brands will cross the storm with a great attitude and they will continue making their customers dream. With our top five new luxury brands, we think you might have discovered something new. This is what is great about luxury blogs, there is always something nice to learn from.

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