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A palm-fringed island with turquoise blue waters lapping at the glistening shore makes a charming wallpaper, but it makes an even better Zoom background.  Now, put yourself in the picture.  Send emails while soaking up the sun on a balmy beach.  Or read reports with a glass of piña colada in hand and fine white sand in between your toes. 

Yes, you are away from the office but not necessarily away from work.  That’s the beauty of workcations (work + vacation.)  And while some people think combining work with leisure is too distracting, studies show that workcations actually make people more motivated and productive.  So, if you fancy working from a tropical paradise, you are on the right track.  With that said, here are five of the top tropical destinations tailormade for a luxury workcation.

1. Bermuda

The Caribbean tops almost everyone’s travel bucket list, so imagine how amazing it would be to turn this sliver of paradise into your office.  At the height of the pandemic, Bermuda was among the first destinations in the Caribbean to offer workcation packages to those forced to work remotely.  In this aspect, we can safely broach that Bermuda is a pioneer in workcations (sort of.)  The island boasts speedy and reliable internet access.  You wouldn’t have to worry about connectivity while working.  On top of this, many hotels, even the ultra-lux ones, offer exciting perks for remote workers, such as discounts on food and beverage, half-price car rentals, and rooms with fantastic ocean views. Bermuda hits all the luxury tick boxes whilst still being one of the least expensive tropical islands to visit in the Caribbean.. 

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While you are there, take time to discover the wonders of Bermuda. Go to the Blue Hole Park for its pristine waters and the Crystal and Fantasy Caves for its otherworldly rock formations.  Make a beeline to the UNESCO-designated St Peter’s Church and Fort St. Catherine, an imposing fortress perched on a craggy coastline.  Beat the heat at Bailey’s Bay Ice Cream Parlour or have a Dark n Stormy, a rum and ginger beer beverage, at the Swizzle Inn.

2. Mexico

Wouldn’t it be nice to swap your home office for a beachfront bungalow? In Mexico, you can do this without much fuss.  No more constricting four walls, just unobstructed views of the ocean and the endless bright blue skies.  The best thing about it is, you are within a few minutes away from the water.  You can have a short dip in the balmy sea between calls or take a walk along the shore to clear your head.  And because you are in Mexico, the food is guaranteed to be top-notch.  We mean authentic and hearty Mexican dishes made with freshly sourced ingredients, not a poor imitation of a burrito.  Many hotels offer 24-hour food service, and the rooms usually include a fully-stocked fridge, plus fresh fruit, wine, and coffee.  Some workcation deals come with an around-the-clock personal butler and free massage for when work becomes too stressful.

Don’t miss the chance to see as many of the local attractions.  The Mayan Riviera is a long stretch of gorgeous coastline dotted with the most beautiful beaches in the country.  If you’re in Mexico City, visit the UNESCO-listed Centro Histórico de la Ciudad, a 15-square-kilometre sprawl of 16th to 19th-century buildings.

3. Ecuador

Ecuador is a haven for nature lovers, teeming with attractions that include Mount Andes, Amazon basin jungles, cloud forests, and volcanoes.  The country apparently is not your typical luxury travel destination.  Most of its upscale accommodations are within big cities, such as Quito and Guayaquil, or on lavish yacht trips to the Galapagos.  But the country has been evolving rapidly in the past decade, drawing more upscale travellers each year. Executives looking to visit and remotely work in the countries they market is common. It even inspires those looking for luxury travel executive jobs for an alternative lifestyle. Still, for those who want to really know the country, Ecuador remains faithful to its roots.  Hence, you get eco-lodges carefully designed to blend in the forest, boutique hotels in the middle of a botanical garden, and lavish but unassuming seaside suites on a tranquil beach.  If you’re someone who functions better when surrounded by nature, then Ecuador should be your next home office.

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Take some time off your daily routine and join a cruise of the Amazon River.  Better yet, sail to the Galapagos to witness unique and diverse and wildlife.  Marvel at the spectacular snow-peaked Cotopaxi and Chimborazo volcanoes.  Let the capital city of Quito fascinate you with its ornate churches and art museum.  Head to Otavalo for its vibrant market selling colourful handicrafts and handwoven textiles.

4. Seychelles

Posh and pristine, this archipelago of 115 islands has always been a magnet of well-heeled lux Seychelle holiday makers.  However, its status as a destination for the rich and famous was forever solidified when Prince William and Kate spent their honeymoon on the ultra-exclusive North Island. But Seychelles is not only for honeymooners.  It is also for those seeking an escape from the mundane gloom of their office.  Like many resorts and hotels elsewhere, Seychelles offers a workcation programme to entice professionals and digital nomads to use the island as their office.  It guarantees that your needs will be well-catered for, and you will get additional perks, such as spacious accommodations, state-of-the-art facilities, quiet meeting rooms, and great views to inspire you.

After a productive day at work, you can unwind at a beachfront bar or have a relaxing stroll along the shore at sunset.  Want to get active?  Try snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, or paddleboarding.   Hire a boat for a private island-hopping tour.  Visit the UNESCO-listed Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve in Praslin, soak in the crystal-clear waters of Anse Lazio, meet the giant tortoises on Curieuse Island and hike around the Morne Seychellois National Park.  Be sure to drop by the country’s capital Victoria on the island of Mahé.  Here, you can explore Freedom Square, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Sir Selwyn Clarke Market.

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5. Costa Rica

Costa Rica abounds with breath-taking beaches, thrilling tours and lovely landscapes.  Pleasantly warm all year round, it is the playground of adventure seekers and nature lovers. Despite its reputation for being rough and rugged, Costa Rica does cater to those seeking the finer things in life, with accommodations that range from exquisite boutique hotels to exclusive eco-lodges and upscale beach resorts.  So, if you’re looking for a workcation destination with the right blend of adventure, nature, and relaxation, Costa Rica is the perfect option for you.  

Costa Rica has loads of fascinating experiences. Take a breathing spell and enjoy all the wonders the country has to offer.  If you are in the capital city of San Jose, visit the National Theatre for its impressive architecture, marvelous murals, and live performances. Head to Tortuguero National Park for its wildlife, zipline at the Monteverde Rainforest, tour the Arenal Volcano area, go canyoneering at the Diamante River and soak in the Tabacon Hot Springs.

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