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When it comes to blades, Victorinox is a cutting edge brand. Of course the Swiss company is known for the legendary Swiss Army Knife, but they also developed an extreme talented Professional and Household Cutlery. Every year the company with the Cross&Shield surprises us with new products and this winter, discover the new Victorinox Black ceramic line. In deed they launched a while ago a very successful line in White ceramic and now they complete the offer by a very elegant line in black.


Made from the purest Zirconium oxide, almost 100%, this knife is almost as hard as diamond. The ultra-pure zirconium oxide powder is compressed at a pressure of 1 500 bar and is sintered in special sinter furnaces at temperatures of 1 500 °C.

A blade has extreme strength and is almost as hard as diamond. The ceramic blade is very sharp over a long period and keep its original characteristics for a long while. Its impressive high cutting quality makes it as the perfect stylish companion for your kitchen.


What are the advantages of a Ceramic Knife? According to Victorinox there are several:

  • Durable and extremely sharp
  • Light and handy
  • Does not transfer taste or odor
  • Hygienic and anti-allergic
  • Food safe
  • Resistant to corrosion and acids
  • Low maintenance


The handle is the perfect match between quality, functionality and design. It is truly a beautiful piece of Cutlery for your kitchen in the daily activities as in special occasions.

Victorinox Black Ceramic knife - Cutlery


The new line has 5 different elements:

  • Paring knife 8cm
  • Paring knife 12 cm
  • Paring knife 15 cm
  • Santuko knife 17 cm

In the pictures you see the 15cm Paring knife which makes it the ideal size for multiple purposes. For the best experience, use a wood support to use your Ceramic knife rather than a plastic or glass. Ceramic knives are a much more suitable culinary tool for slicing boneless meat, vegetables and fruit. Nevertheless, since they are brittle they may break if dropped on a hard surface, and cannot be used for chopping through bones, or frozen foods.

Please visit, section Cutlery and then Collections. You will have all the descriptions for all products of this line.

Your kitchen always deserves the best, right?


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