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Victorinox is one of the Swiss biggest ambassadors in the world. The Swiss company represents the strong values of quality, design, functionality and innovation. All these four pillars allow Victorinox to create new products since 1884. This year they reveal a new addition to the pocket tool collection: the new Victorinox Forester Wood.



A Victorinox pocket knife is the perfect companion of each occasion. Obviously its natural habitat is outdoors but actually it can also be a useful tool in your day-to-day life. Its style and compact design will fit perfectly your daily life, no matter if it is in the heart of a big city or in the middle of a forest. With the new Victorinox Forest Wood, you will discover a great pocket tool, with essential functionalities that will serve you well. Ten functionalities as essentials for your life:

  1. blade, large
  2. bottle opener
  3. Screwdriver 5 mm, lockable
  4. wire stripper
  5. wood saw
  6. can opener
  7. screwdriver 3 mm
  8. reamer, punch
  9. corkscrew
  10. key ring

Some interesting features I found is the large blade. Int gives a feeling of strength and provides a clean cut with a very secure gesture. Also the wood saw is very helpful for small bricolage. From cutting some small pieces of wood to light the fireplace, to cut a few pieces of a painting frame or even to cut the christmas tree into pieces after christmas… trust me it is really useful. Let’s be honest, you never find your screwdriver when you need one. Here they will always be accessible, Another important detail, important for your safety, is the safety-locker you can find in the screen-driver/bottle-opener and the big blade. By locking these tools in the opened position, it procures much more safety in their usage. With some training, you will be able to unlock the tools with just one hand.



Last ut not least, the Victorinox Forester wood scales are made of Walnut wood. Walnut is a straight-grained hardwood that ranges from chocolate brown (when it’s from the center of the tree) to yellow (from the outer portion of the tree). A top pick for head-boards, ornate antique-style dining tables, and mantels, walnut is typically clear-coated or oiled to bring out its color. The wood has a low level of shrinkage when drying, and suffers very little seasonal movement. Walnut is straight-grained and remarkably easy to work with in almost every application. The wood cuts and sands evenly, finishes nicely, glues well, and can be steam-bent with stable and predictable results. In the Victorinox Forester Wood, the scales in walnut wood brings a soft and warm touch, making the usage of this pocket tool as comfortable as safe. It is really an object that you want to keep in the palm of your hand.


With this new addition to the pocket tool collection, Victorinox shows how stylish and useful their design can be. You can visit the official website and learn more about this product and the universe of this amazing brand.

José Amorim

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