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Most people dream of owning a luxury vehicle, but when the time comes, what will you actually get? If you have the means to get any car you want, will you be disappointed in your choice? The answer is no, if you know which type of luxury vehicle suits your personality.
Read on to learn which type of luxury vehicle is the embodiment of your personality.

1. Rockstar/diva

The Rockstar or Diva personality type often gets a bad rap. Yes, these people do like to be the center of attention, but they’re also the life of the party. A diva or Rockstar personality is the type to bring a bit of glitter to everything they do. When you’re around this person, everything gets a bit more interesting.

On the flipside, this personality does not settle. They demand to be treated with respect and surrounded by luxury.  This personality likes to party, and so their vehicle choice will reflect their fun side too. For the Rockstar or diva, fun is about as important as luxury.

Luxury vehicle


The Bentley Continental GT coupe is the perfect vehicle for this personality type. The Continental GT was completely redesigned for this model year to up its coolness factor considerably. And when you want to talk about fun, this car can get from 0 to 60 in a mere 3.6 seconds. Hold onto your hats, divas! All you have to do now is choose your favorite color, and you’ve got your car for 2019.

2. Allstar athlete

The all-star athlete is the type who seems to be good at any sport. Maybe they excel in one thing, like track or basketball, but they can pick up anything athletic in mere minutes (or so it seems). The all-star athlete needs a bit of room for athletic gear and their teammates. This person may also enjoy outdoor activities like off-roading and camping.

Luxury vehicle


Any all-star athlete type would be excited to get behind the wheel of the 2019 Range Rover Velar. It’s among the Motor Trends SUV of the Year finalists. With plenty of space to haul friends and teammates and a rugged yet sporty design, Range Rover’s Velar is more than just a pretty face. For those who are looking for a little off-road fun, the Velar offers an Off-Road package with an adaptive terrain response system, all-terrain progress control and configurable chassis and powertrain settings.

3. Business mogul

This is the corporate CEO type. This person knows what they want and they’re used to getting it. They are uncompromising on quality, but they also want a great value. The business mogul cares about appearances, so they’ll look for known brands that are associated with luxury. The business mogul’s vehicle is very much a status symbol.

Luxury vehicle


There’s nothing like an Audi to symbolize status. This brand and its logo have become an icon of luxury, and any business mogul would be proud to drive any of the Audi RS models. This car tells the world that you lead a sensible family life, but you can definitely afford the finer things. You’re a well-rounded individual, and you’ve made it. This isn’t your mother’s station wagon. With one of the best V6 engines in the industry and a classy interior that’s typical Audi, the RS 5 Sportback is the perfect choice for any business mogul type.

4. Tech guru

This personality type is what we call an “early adopter.” They’re likely to get the latest Apple products and updates before anyone else, and they may even have the latest Android products as well. The tech guru would never be caught with last year’s (or even last month’s) model, so they are likely to update their vehicle at least once a year. This personality type appreciates a self-driving car and would have technology handle every aspect of their lives, if they could.

Luxury vehicle

Tech gurus have been waiting with bated breath to get their hands on vehicles like the 2019 Audi A8. We may have thought that this model would be completely autonomous (self-driving), but it’s about as close as anything on the market comes. It will still have an advanced and comprehensive suite of active safety features that include blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist. And it comes with a host of upgraded technology features like exit assist, intersection assist and a predictive active suspension that can detect a collision and raise the suspension to help disperse the impact.

When you think about the type of car you’ll be buying for 2019, think about your personality first. This will impact how you use the vehicle and the things that are most important to you. Whether you’re a diva or a tech guru, your car should reflect your personality. It is, after all, an expression of your own style.  


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