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Brigitte is definitely our “coup de coeur” in 2018. The French singing female duo reinvented a laid-back type of music, like if California was invited to Paris with more sexiness! It is a women’s talk that will appeal to everyone. In Switzerland we discovered them earlier in the year at their concert in Les Docks in Lausanne. Now, after an amazing concert in the legendary Olympia in Paris, Brigitte announced a special acoustic tour for 2019: two voices and a piano.

The announcement happened in social media and in the artists official website. They promise “something” around the three albums. They want to propose a special and intimate moment: a concert with two voices and a piano. We saw little by little how the piano entered Brigitte concerts and we could see they had a lot of pleasure to establish a special connection with the audience through this instrument. The new acoustic tour should start in Spring 2019 and we are eager to get more information about it. The latest album, “Nues”, is a franc success. Through the 2018 tour, Aurélie Saada and Sylvie Hoarau presented their new album containing eleven songs. More soft and nostalgic than the previous albums but still in the very distinctive Brigitte style. The texts of certain songs are quite sharp, sometimes men are not always in the good role. But sometimes they are! The latest album is like a vocal caress that will invite you to a special journey.


With the announcement of this new tour and the acoustic aspect of it, fans start dreaming about a new live album? More to follow.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to read our full review of their latest album, Nues: 

José Amorim

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