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The French music landscape has been painted in a new color thanks to the arrival of Christine and the Queens. Some say it is minimalistic, others essential. At LuxuryActivist we would say just two words: free and inspired. Away from any classical pattern, Heloïse Letissier created a character that dares to talk about many personal topics in a very poetic approach. In this sense she remind us Barbara. If the amazing French diva was born in 1988, she would have been Heloïse Letissier.


Christine and the Queens, a French story like no other

She produces her music with a computer, she gets to the essential of things, the music is minimal and striking, every detail is important and taken care with great precaution and above all: her dance moves are inspired from Michael Jackson! That is Christine and the Queens in a few words.
She likes American Hip Hop and believes there is a pure essentiality on how hip hop defines music. It is minimal but very impactful with a hyper addictive touch. This is the base to decode Christine and the Queens style. Her education gave her the taste for words and the beauty of the French language and her experience back in London, brought her the creativity, the daring and the definition of Christine and the Queens.


In 2012, Christine and the Queens won the Best Discovered Act known as Découverte du Printemps de Bourges and also the Adami Premières Francos 2012 award. The 13th of February 2015, she is rewarded with the best female artist, and best video clip of 2014 at the Victoires de la musique. The single “Tilted”, translated from “Christine” was released in February 2015 in the United States as an introduction to her first EP in English “St Claude”expected in April 2015.

Edited by Neon Gold Records, it will be accompanied by a series of concerts in North America with Marina and the Diamonds.

The first album called Chaleur Humaine is a personal work that revamps the French music scene with a real modern touch. This first album sold more than 450’000 units and is considered as one of the top 20 best albums of the year when was launched.


The photo of the album looks like an allegory of a first date, symbolizing the idea of a first album. The track list is elegant, modern and very personal. To dive into the original universe of Christine and the Queens you need to pay attention to the lyrics, to the melody and forget for a second about your daily life. It is a velvety dream that will charm you to your heart.

When you listen to Heloïse Letissier music and especially to her voice, it reaches directly your heart. There is a fragile facet on her voice that contrasts with a deep energy that will be wrapped with a modern melody. From hip hop inspirations to electro velvety pop, Christine and the Queens is a sorceress. In Paradis Perdu, she reminds great French singers like Barbara or Juliette Greco on their best time. It is emotional, true and free from any classical pattern. Be careful it is very addictive.

You can discover more about Christine and the Queen by visiting her official website: 

Listen to Christine and the Queens and feel your heart pulse with a new rhythm.



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