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This month, discover Deaf Preachers. An amazing Rock band, between garage-rock and punk-rock. They have been playing since 2006 and the only word is: ENERGY. They are launching a new EP this month, more than one year after the first album. For this and more below, they are our Music band of the month.

End of 2006, the group was founded under the name The Bagro’s. Since then, they have been constantly playing and pushing the limits of energy on stage.


When you listen to their music, one huge influence comes to our minds: The Stooges. In deed, the same energy, an outstanding, high voltage guitar, big drums and a virtuose at the bass. It is pure, crystal clear and will definitely burst your ears. The garage rock has never been so modern and true to its roots.

In 2009, they made their first public appearance in a rock festival, along with other amazing talents like Caravan Palace, Cut Killer, Emir Kusturica and world famous Buena Vista Social Club. In the same year they decide to change the band’s name and became Deaf Preachers. A name that should push them higher, faster and stronger in the garage rock scene.


The official members of the group, as they describe themselves, are:


  • Ben “Acid” Preacher – (Guitar/vocals)
  • Franz “Mad” Preacher – (Bass/vocals)
  • Larsen “Wise” Preacher – (Guitar/vocals)
  • Leny “Kick” Preacher – (Drums/speed)
  • Norman “Little” Preacher – (Bass)

After 2 EP’s, one in 2008 and the second one in 2010, they launched their first album called Join the deaf club in 2012.


Their first album gathers 12 tracks. Released on March 19th 2012, the amazing result came from a true international collaboration. Initially recorded in France by Romain Baousson, then it was mixed in Mexico and Los Angeles to finally being mastered in London by Jean-Anaël Aubaux. Here is the official clip of one of the songs called Don’t burn my face again. It gives you a hint of how powerful they can be on stage. It’s been a while that we did not ear such a great guitar.

Don’t Burn my face again – Deaf Preachers (clip… par deafpreachers

This month, a little longer than one year after their first album, they are releasing a new 3-track album called Norman. It is a perfect continuity of their work. It is clean, pure, sophisticated and clearly edgy.You can listen and download it for free here:

For more information, connect to the band official website here:

Pump up the volume and just get wild.



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