Fashion Roundup: Lady Gaga’s Cake Video and Tyra Banks is Back In Business

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L’Wren Scott to design costumes for Mick Jagger’s Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Tour. Jagger’s longtime girlfriend will need to answer to Mick Jagger’s high-end requests asking that the costumes will first of all fit and also be glamorous. The Rolling Stones have recently launched their world tour in London and are once again dubbed as the hottest band in the world. (Hollywood Reporter)

Former supermodel and First Lady of France, Carla Bruni, landed a cover on Vogue Paris’s December/January issue. Nicolas Sarkozy is no longer the president of France, which may answer to why this photoshoot seems very casual and classic. (Fashionista)

Vogue looks back at some of the most interesting stories of fashion icons and their relationship with Vogue. Stories from supermodel Iman to hair stylist Guido Palau, but the most interesting story is that of designer Alexander Wang, who looks back at his days as an intern at Vogue. (

A lot of people have forgotten that Tyra Banks is still a model, luckily she is here to remind everybody that she’s still got it. Fierce, full of dark and pain is how she describes her latest cover on The Black Issue of WeatEast magazine shot by Udo Spreitzenbar. (Huffington Post)

Greenpeace have launched a full throttle attack on retailers who use hazardous chemicals in garment manufacturing, recently attacking Spanish giants Zara. Victoria’s Secret mega-model Miranda Kerr was heavily inspired by the initiative and according to reports may turn her back on Victoria’s Secret, who is also vulnerable to these attacks. (Styleite)

Closing our list of fashion highlights of the week, Lady Gaga teams up with celeb-photographer Terry Richardson for her new Cake Video.

Warning: this clip is too hot!

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Fashion Roundup: Lady Gaga’s Cake Video and Tyra Banks is Back In Business


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