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End of August, there will be the election of Miss Central Switzerland. 10 beautiful finalists from William Tell land will play their card to become Miss ZentralSchweiz 2013 on August 31. A first step before the big jump into Miss Switzerland.

Miss zentral Schweiz

At Luxuryactivist, we have made our choice. We are supporting Riccarda Betschart, not only because we know her but because she definitely deserves to win.



Riccarda is a great embassador for Switzerland. She is a natural-beautiful, friendly and intelligent young woman. She is very determined in life and knows how to enjoy great moments with friends. She studied gastronomy and completed her studies with an experience at the prestigious Wysses Rössli Hotel and Restaurant in Schwyz. She has been involved in many activities, travels and also modeling.


She is also very photogenic and several photographers enjoyed taking pictures of her and putting her on stage under different scenarios.

Riccarda-Betschart-model-2 Riccarda-Betschart-model Riccarda-Betschart-model-3 Riccarda-Betschart-official

To vote for Riccarda, it is very simple. First you need to be in Switzerland 🙂
Then, you just need to send a SMS to 880 with the magic sentence: miss 05. You get a SMS back with the confirmation of your vote .
At luxuryactivist, we did our duty:

Miss Zentral Schweiz sms

The election will take place on August 31st 2013 at RailCity in Luzern – Switzerland. Check here the video of last year winner, Llena Fattori

If you want to learn more about the election and the event it self, you have 2 places to visit:

The facebook page: 

The official website: 

So now you know who deserves your vote! Riccarda Betschart.



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