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So You Want To Be A Fashion Designer

The fashion world is a cut-throat industry that only takes in the most talented individuals. Having excellent visions, style and skill is the most important thing. Education is a bonus, but it isn’t always required from employers.

Models do not need any education, but getting into the industry without experience can be tough. Fashion is a wonderful field, but you must go into it fully prepared.

Accessibility & Job Market

Fashion designers and models have the best and worst prospects. Once a talented individual breaks into the industry, it becomes the greatest job for a creative person. The pay is well, the recognition is decent and the options are endless.

However, the fact is a majority of people that apply to get in the fashion industry will struggle. It’s a tough business. If it seems to hard to become a fashion designer, then other fashion-related fields can be just as good. You typically have to work your way up in this industry.

First Steps

If you are feeling brave, then take the first steps to break into the fashion world. You should have a solid portfolio that showcases your skills. If you are a model, present the best photographs from a variety of styles. If you are a fashion designer, then have photos and drawings of your work. Models wearing your work is also a bonus.

Marketing yourself will be the most important thing. You should always look impeccable when attending interviews and events. skinny suspenders from Suspender Store can pull together an outfit for your interview process. The most important thing is to get yourself out there. Make people learn your name and what your brand is about.

What To Avoid

Don’t avoid interviews out of fear. It’s natural to be afraid of what may happen. Be fearless and showcase your skills. People will be receptive to your ideas and art if you throw yourself out there. Act as if you are already a famous designer, but do not be a diva about it. Confidence is empowering.

While the fashion industry may require a bit more work than other industries, you will be part of something that affects the entire world. Fashion is a powerful thing, and it has the ability to change the world one outfit at a time. Take a chance. You never know what kind of job you will land once you get out in the world.

By Liz Becker


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