Why Men Don’t Like Menswear

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If you’re a man reading this…would you prefer the following: 1) to watch a menswear show 2) to watch a lingerie show?

While we’re sure some of you picked the first one- there are a few who enjoy seeing what’s out there in the men’s fashion world. We know most of you picked the second and would rather not think about brand names or aquamarine pants- Burberry anyone?

Burberry Spring 2013

The fashion experts at FashionTV have come to a striking conclusion. F Men shows are more likely to be watched by women than men, the ones who are supposed to wear the clothes.

We’ve come up with a few reasons why:

1. Men are Cheap

While a woman will go out of her way in order to look good and spend thousands of dollars a year on high-end brands in order to look up-to-date, men are known for being more practical spenders- after all jeans are jeans whether they are Armani or H&M.

2. Men are Vintage

Men simply don’t throw things away! Old T-shirts, old boots, sweatshirts, pants, socks — you name it and you’ll find the guy that has it in his closet for over 10 years. Its not vintage if its ugly… but there are some things in life that just don’t change.

Watch and learn!

3. Men Have Bad Taste

Men have bad taste and they know it! Not the men reading this article of course, but all the other men!! Most men will wear just about anything if someone tells them it looks good and it doesn’t matter who.

4. Women buy them clothes

Its no secret that for a lot of men out there, its actually the women who buy them clothes and if not on their own then by just chaperoning them when they do their shopping and eventually making all the decisions.

Would your man wear these clothes?

So do men like Mens Fashion?

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Why Men Don’t Like Menswear


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