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Online Influencers: Nobody Is Listening (The End Of An Era)

While Influential marketing has never been so powerful, it is time to put all cards on the table and accept that the influencer marketing model is coming to an end for a...

Friday Chronicle #17: Desktop is dead, mobile is the new black in web design and advertising.

At the end of August 2015, there were 170 million computers sold. This is an increase of 15% compared to last year (source: Gartner). Nevertheless the internet world became mobile. With 1.9 billion smartphones and 360 million tablets to be sold this year people connect more to the web via their mobile devices than something else.

Programmatic – a new reality in Digital advertising for luxury brands.

When you work as a digital marketer, one of the most important topic is Audience. Technology is evolving so fast that we can control the entire user online journey by working with...

Friday Chronicle #11: Brands are not enough, welcome to a trip to the moon

The years 2000 represented a tremendous shift in the way people wish to interact with brands. Being a powerful brand is not enough anymore. Several examples has showed that empires of one...

Best High-tech news from 2013

Luxury Activist takes the holiday season as an opportunity for thematic flashbacks on the most popular articles, news and reviews of 2013. In this session, find here the 5 most popular articles...

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