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Gaby Machado, the next super model – exclusive interview. 

She is Brazilian, beautiful and young. Gabriela "Gaby" Machado is definitely the next it-girl in fashion modelling. With only 15 years old she has already 7 years of experience in modelling. She...

Best Tips To Become A Fashion Model

Modeling is an on going trend since the 60's. With the rise of top models until their pinacle in the 80's, millions of young ladies and young boys dream one day to...

Gaby Machado, entrevista exclusiva para LuxuryActivist.com

Para ler o articulo completo (en inglés), clique aquí. LuxuryActivist (LA): Vocé começou sua carreira em 2009. Verdade? O qué vocé acha da aventura até agora? Gaby Machado (GM): Sim comecei em 2009,acho...

Friday Chronicle #15: The next Gisele Bundchen or the raiders of the lost ark.

Check here our TOP 5 most promising top models in the world. Who is going to be the next big hit? Who is going to be the next Gisele Bundchen?

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