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Swiss luxury report: millionaires per households: Switzerland is now number one!

The Early bird catches the worm! This is what popular culture says. But the one with loads of money as well, especially if he comes from Switzerland. In deed for the first...

Luxury news: India, the other giant luxury market

United States, Europe or China has been ruling the luxury market for several years now. Another interesting country is India. The 1.252 billion inhabitants country represents an amazing opportunity for brands who...

Luxury in China 2015 – key figures.

The luxury industry in China is like a roller-coaster. Sometimes we go up, sometimes we go down and sometimes things are upside down. In 2015 the Chinese market represented 20% of the global luxury business. This means $17.2 billion. Full review here.

South-Africa is the biggest luxury market in Africa. Rising star!

South Africa is an amazing market for luxury. It is a giant within s giant. Here is a snapshot of the luxury landscape in South Africa. From the market, to brands, distribution and fashion designers.

Friday Chronicles #5: The purpose of a luxury Brand, The lost world.

In 2013, the luxury industry grew by 4% to cross the bar of $ 200 billion worldwide. At constant exchange rates, the growth would have been 6% (source: Bain company 2013 study)....

Russian luxury market, so what?

Since the ex-URSS disappeared, many brands, especially the luxury ones have been trying hard to make good money in Russia. Luxury shopping malls in Moscow were built and many companies installed subsidiaries...

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