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When Luxury Brands Become Pure Speculation.

Some brands like Bugatti, Petrus or Rolex are experiencing a high level of speculation which distords the brand reality. Read our review about it here.

4 ways to break into luxury entrepreneurship

Carving yourself a career in the luxury goods and services sector is no mean feat — especially when you’re up against established brands with hard-earned reputations. But if you like the finer things...

iGen, forget about millennials, here is the new Eldorado

Millenials were responsible for the disrruption in economy and especially in the luxury industry. This is actually old news, discover the iGen generation: fully connected, less rebellious, more tolerant and clearly unprepared...

Luxury in China 2015 – key figures.

The luxury industry in China is like a roller-coaster. Sometimes we go up, sometimes we go down and sometimes things are upside down. In 2015 the Chinese market represented 20% of the global luxury business. This means $17.2 billion. Full review here.

Friday Chronicle #19: 2016 Digital Media trends to watch out if you want to outstand in the market

  If the internet was an amazing evolution of how people would communicate and exchange information, Digital media strategies are the cherish on top of the cake. Digital brought stupendous opportunities to reach...

Swiss Luxury brands digital strategies

Switzerland has a strong respect for traditions. It is an amazing country in which several companies have been here for centuries. And the most outstanding thing is that they are all more...

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