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Who is the next king of cool?

Every decade has its rising stars, cash cows and dying mammoth... Ok, here I am not talking about Darwin or about animals... I am talking about innovative, creative and outstanding companies that...

Mobile Apps segmentation, 2 apps are better than 1… Really?

There is a trend in which several smartphone apps are splitting into 2 distinctive apps. Facebook with messanger and Foursquare with Swarm. Why are they segmenting the offer and why now users...

Friday Chronicles #7: From Mobility to Mobile, the Jack Sparrow syndrome.

In the 80's and the 90's we used to say that the most important thing in someone's resume would be the fact he has mobility. This would mean that this person would...

Mobile in Switzerland – 2012 key figures

The world went from Mobility to Mobile. From physical movement to a smartphone usage. Switzerland is one of the top countries in terms of Smartphone usage. It is iPhone land. Here are...

Why Social media will evolve or… die.

Since the invention of the steam power engine, internet might be one of the biggest invention of the 20th century that changed the world in a way that things would never be...

SoundCloud, the myspace killer?

One of the most fashionable words in 2011 was "cloud". And it will continue in 2012. After Apple's iCloud, another one growing very fast is SoundCloud. It is an online audio distribution...

Versace Mobile phone: boring

Hi, this week, Versace revealed a Versace mobile phone called Versace Unique. It was developed in partnership with Mobilabs, a expert company on customized phones. Basically, they took a LG mobile phone and they have customized for the brand.

Is flash dead or long life to HTML5 ?

Between Apple and Adobe we assist in a real Cold War. We wonder how far this will be ? Well until one of the 2 buy the other.

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