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Medieval Factory by L’Espace des Inventions – Lausanne

L'Espace des Inventions opened in 2000 in Lausanne. Since then, their mission is to inspire vocations and to awaken young people's interest in science and technology. These are 2 key elements to...

Switzerland reaches the stars with Victorinox.

While Switzerland welcomes the entire world at Baselworld 2014, something else has happened. In deed Switzerland was targeting the stars with its best ambassador: The Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox. Samuel Hess,...

Botanical D-Tox by Sisley, give your skin a good rest.

Sisley is launching next february a new "rescue" skincare product called Botanical D-Tox - Detoxifying night treatment. Give your skin a break thanks to this new treatment by Sisley Cosmetics. The Botanical D-Tox...

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