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Victorinox Fall Winter Fashion Collection, Modern Craft story.

https://youtu.be/v6yB8TJabSA What is surprising with Swiss Ingenuity is the large numbers of possibilities. Victorinox is the proud ambassador of such philosophy and the Swiss manufacturer has season after season innovated in the fashion...

Art in Switzerland: the most expected art exhibitions to come.

Switzerland has an amazing network of cultural places and museums. It is probably one of the most rich countries in terms of art diversity. You can see exhibitions in Switzerland that probably...

Video: when Swiss Tradition meets Pop Music, by La Cote International School

Switzerland is full of contrasts where traditions meet modernity. This week, the students of the prestigious La Cote International School created a surprising act in one of Switzerland shopping malls. By partnering...

The Swiss Chocolate Industry, key figures.

Here are the Swiss chocolate industry key figures. Less chocolate was sold in Switzerland in 2014 as compared with the previous year. In addition, consumers turned more and more to imported products. Sales of Swiss chocolate fell appreciably in the two most important export markets.

Discover Lausanne like you have never imagined – Science Day.

Next Saturday, October 3rd 2015, the entire city of Lausanne will meet at Place de la Riponne. They will discover the city in a way they have never imagined. Is the fountain of Place de la Riponne inhabited? Why there are fallows in city spaces? Is Lausanne a great place for living for Plants, insects and other little bugs? Activity done by L'Eprouvette - Lausanne University public laboratory.

Social Media in Switzerland, 2015 figures

Here are the updated figures for Social media in Switzerland. These figures correspond to end of August 2015. As we can see, Switzerland is a very connected country in which luxury brands but also media, electronics or retail food are all using social media to communicate with customers and fans.

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