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Medieval Factory by L’Espace des Inventions – Lausanne

L'Espace des Inventions opened in 2000 in Lausanne. Since then, their mission is to inspire vocations and to awaken young people's interest in science and technology. These are 2 key elements to...

DuckDuckGo, a Google killer?

Founded by Gabriel Weinberg in 1998, DuckDuckGo.com becomes the "outsider" of Search engines today with more than 1 million searches a month. Is it a Google killer? Well, at least we can see...

TED Talk: Future of e-Commerce pick and pack

Here is a very interesting video about the future of E-commerce and especially the "pick & Pack" processes in a warehouse. This video is part of TED program and was presented by Mick...

E-TIP winter gloves, pure high-tech.

The North Face, outdoor brand, relaunched its high-tech gloves this winter. The line is called the E-TIP and allows you to use any touch screen device thanks to a high-tech material. You...

SwissTV, VOD (R)evolution

SwissTV is an interesting swiss offer for VOD, video on demand. Most of online offers are either not compatible with what you have at home - hardware - or too expensive and sometimes not appropriate. Switzerland has its ways and here we might see a nice (r)evolution. Check it out.

Honda new concept : U3-X

We can say that japanese people will always surprise us. Here is a total new concept made by Honda on what they call Personal mobility engine. It's name: the Honda U3-X.

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