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Texas has a lot of things to offer for everyone. Texas boasts a wide variety of attractions, providing unlimited options for travelers. If you want to frolic in the sand, you can visit Boca Chica or South Padre Island. If you’re craving for some nightlife in Texas, you should never miss out on visiting the Sixth Street, Rainey Street, and South Congress, all located in Austin.  

But before you plan out an itinerary for your upcoming luxury vacation in Texas, it’s important to learn several hacks first. Aside from being able to save a few bucks, these hacks will save you a lot of time and ensure that you can fully enjoy what Texas has to offer. 

Make sure to follow these travel hacks to enjoy a hassle-free luxury vacation in Texas:   

1- Maximize Travel Apps

Technology has significantly improved everyone’s lives. Because of the advent of technology, you can basically do anything with your smartphone. But do you know that there are now apps made specifically for travelers like you?

To make your upcoming luxury vacation in Texas hassle-free, maximize travel apps. Download apps that allow you to check the activities available in Texas and find the cheapest flights and accommodations. Be extra prepared for your trip and look for travel apps that enable you to book bus tickets from Austin to Houston and other locations included in your itinerary as well. 

Aside from giving you access to information about Texas, travel apps also facilitate virtual payments. Most travel apps accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards and will send you a receipt in your email confirming that payment has been made. 

2- Pay Attention To The Shoes You Wear At The Airport

Removing shoes at the airport can be very annoying and stressful. This is especially true if you’re running late for your boarding time and your name has been called a few times already.

The solution? Instead of wearing shoes with complicated straps, buckles, and laces, wear slip-on shoes when going to the airport. This will save you time and effort as you’re going through security and ensure that you won’t be late for your flight. 

3- Invest In Packing Cubes

Packing cubes seemed to have gained popularity overnight, and it’s very easy to see why. Packing cubes are a godsend for travelers because these can keep smaller items, such as power cords, and socks from moving around your bag. Packing cubes can also keep your clothes wrinkle-free and make it easier to organize your carry-on luggage and suitcase.

For your upcoming trip to Texas, make sure to invest in packing cubes. You can use your packing cubes more efficiently by storing items in the same category in the same cube. For example, all toiletries should be stored in one cube and then your underwear in another. You can also pack by outfit so you can easily grab a cube when dressing up. 


4- Fight Jet Lag

Jet lag can lead to fatigue and insomnia, which can be a buzz kill in your vacation. Instead of spending time at The Alamo, Texas State Capitol, Dallas World Aquarium, and other attractions in Texas, you’ll end up staying all day in your hotel room to rest. 

To fight the aftereffects of jet lag, incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine months before your trip. Physical activities can alleviate the disruptions to your body clock, minimizing the effects of jet lag on your body. Exercising regularly can also improve the quality of your sleep as your body adjusts to different time zones. 

5- Learn More About Texas

It’s important to learn about Texas before visiting the state. Acceptable behaviors and languages in your hometown might have a negative impact in Texas and vice versa. It’ll be challenging for you to enjoy Texas if locals see you as someone who’s disrespectful. 

Months or weeks before your trip to Texas, take the time to learn the following first:

  • Be mindful about your manners: Manners are very important to the locals in Texas, so make sure to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ whenever necessary. Holding doors for women and the elderly is also a habit that’s always appreciated in the state. 
  • Don’t complain about the weather: The weather in Texas can get crazy, so plan carefully. If you’re going to travel during the summer months, be ready for extreme heat. If you’re going to visit during the colder months, bring thick clothing as the temperature can drop to 23 degrees below zero.
  • Be prepared to see a lot of cheese: Cheese or queso is a way of life in Texas. So, if trying out unique dishes is part of your itinerary in going to Texas, expect to find a variety of dishes that uses a lot and different types of cheese. 

Knowledge is Power 

Traveling to Texas can be fun, but going there unprepared can cause problems. Make sure that your upcoming trip will be memorable for all the right reasons by following all of the tips presented in this article. Once all of these travel hacks become innate to you, your trip to Texas will become a breeze!

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