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Tahiti and French Polynesia are one of the world’s foremost vacation destinations. One of the most romantic destinations on the planet, these beautiful islands are incredibly popular with couples, newlyweds, and honeymooners. And it’s not hard to see why! Gorgeous vistas, unbelievable beaches, luxurious accommodation, and a fascinating and exciting culture, tahiti really has it all. 

For many people, traveling to Tahiti is something you would really only do as a pair. So many of the famous activities, experiences, and locations are dedicated to couples, so solo travelers are often put off.

But solo travel to Tahiti can be a wonderful experience! There are loads of things you can do and places you can visit that are just as wonderful as a solo traveler as part of a couple, and by avoiding some of the most ‘romantic’ destinations in French Polynesia you can experience under-the-radar treats…and save money too!

So if you are cruising to Tahiti as a singleton and want to experience the best that this beautiful archipelago has to offer, take a look at some of the best tips for adventuring solo to Tahiti. 

Avoid Tahiti and Bora Bora

The entirety of French Polynesia is commonly known as Tahiti, but in reality Tahiti refers to one of the two main islands of the archipelago (the other being Bora Bora). Now, it might seem a little odd to begin an article about the joys of adventuring solo in Tahiti by recommending ‘avoiding Tahiti’ (and this is only a half-serious recommendation), but there is so much to see beyond these two popular islands. Bora Bora and Tahiti are gorgeous, for sure, and many of the classic images of French Polynesia come from here. But almost everything is designed purely for couples and honeymooners, and there are some truly spectacular spots to visit elsewhere! So do spend a few days in Tahiti, and perhaps give Bora Bora a quick visit, but the best thing to do as a singleton in Tahiti is to explore the less famous, less visited islands in the rest of the archipelago. 

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Visit Raiatea

Known as ‘the island of faraway heaven’, Raiatea is one of Tahiti’s most beautiful spots, yet remarkably unspoilt and underappreciated by the honeymoon tourism industry. It is the premier location in the islands for yachting, and sailing around the secluded bays and calm water of the islands is an absolute treat. There are hotels, lodges, and guest houses galore, as well as some of the best watersports in the archipelago. For adventurous travelers, the hike up Mount Temehani is a must, as well as exploring the amazing history and culture of Polynesia at Marae Taputapuatea.  

Go scuba diving

Under the water, no-one can hear you say ‘I love you’, so scuba diving is one of the best ways to get away from the couple’s overload and enjoy the extraordinary marine life that calls the waters of the South Pacific home. Almost every corner of French Polynesia boasts incredible scuba diving, but the best can be found off Rangiroa, Fakarava, and Moorea. 

Avoid resorts in Moorea

After Tahiti and Bora Bora, Moorea is the largest and most popular spot in French Polynesia. It is one of the best places for solo travelers to enjoy in the archipelago, as it is incredibly affordable if you avoid the large resorts. Seek out a smaller villa or guest house, mix with the locals, and enjoy stunning sunsets, glorious walks on the beach, and true taste of Polynesian life and culture, away from the romance industry that is so prevalent on Tahiti itself. 

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