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If you want to party all night long, you can head to Ibiza. Major cities will ask you to walk for hours every day, in order to visit sites, museums and do some shopping. But if you are tired and need to refill your energy, where should you go? We may just have found the right destination for you: Megève in the French Alps. Here is why.

Full Service Chalets

You can find different mountain sites in the world, where there is still some fresh air to breathe. But the main difference in Megève is where you will rent your chalet. That is because the Fée Pour Vous Luxury Properties have all that is required, in order to satisfy your every needs. You won’t even have to leave the chalet during your stay, if you don’t want to. All that you may desire, will be made available, thanks to the presence of a butler who will run the place for you, making sure that you and your guests never lack of anything and can rest without ever being disturbed.

The Fée Pour Vous Chalets management has thought of everything, indeed. Not only will you find a person responsible for your well-being, but you will also be provided with a chef, that will handle all the meals, at your request. Cooking is an art form that the French have raised to an art level. At the opposite of Italian or Spanish cuisine, the French is elaborated and features various bouquets of flavours. If you head there during winter, the Southern France cuisine will refill you entirely, after a long day of freeing your mind on the slope, and if you rent their chalet in summer time, you will be offered the best vegetables and fruits that nature has to offer.

Finally, to complete the house services, you will have access to a full concierge service, just as if you were staying at a 5-star hotel, and you would call upon one of the Clefs d’Or Concierge, manning the desk. They will handle any reservation you may want to make, from a restaurant to a helicopter flight. They will prepare the best excursions in nature or a full day at the spa, with the same professionalism. You will be hosted as kings and queens, throughout your whole stay.

All Options included

There are over 40 chalets to rent, at Fée Pour Vous. The smallest ones can accommodate eight people and the largest ones up to twenty-four. Inside them, you will have access to all the options you can think of, inside such a luxury property, and probably even more than your mind can imagine.

Naturally, since these chalets are located in the French Alps, where you can have access to some of best ski slopes in the world, all the chalets are equipped to keep you warm, after a beautiful day sliding down the slopes. That means a fireplace, which will light your evenings and warm everyone in the household. You will feel the heat on your skin, as your eyes close and your mind relaxes, to the sound of the crackling wood inside the fireplace.

For each bedroom that you will find in a chalet, there will be an adjoining bathroom, so that no one has to share theirs. This is the best way for everyone to keep their privacy. Singles and couples can live in their quarter without ever having to come out, if they so desire, and without being disturbed by others inside the chalet. 


If you like water, your dreams will be fulfilled, as the largest ones all have an indoor pool, to swim muscle tiredness away. You will also find different options in them, such as hydromassage jets and waterfall. Around it, you can lay back on relaxation loungers and take a shower before leaving this area of the house. There is also a Jacuzzi bath available, as well as a sauna and a steam room. Everything you may need, in terms of water relaxation. And when you are all done, you can then head to the massage room, where a specialist will be waiting for you, to complete the process of muscle relaxation, for the day.

This is but a small taste of what awaits you in Megève, at the Fée Pour Vous chalets. But we can safely assume that we said enough for you to understand why this is the perfect place to recharge your battery, no?

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