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Shopping is one thing everyone loves to do. Whether it’s for daily essentials, gifts, or any other purpose, there’s no denying the feeling of satisfaction you get when you finally walk out of the store with a full shopping bag or cart from an online shop.

It’s even more gratifying when you buy something high-end like a luxury watch. And while it can be exciting to own your first luxury timepiece, there’s much more thought (and money) involved. Here are a few things you’ll need to consider when you’re shopping for your first luxury watch.   

Luxury Watch Shopping Guide

While there are many luxury brands to choose from, it pays to do your homework before you walk into a store or buy one online. It would be best to learn more about luxury watches to ensure it suits your style and budget. 

  • Choose One That Suits Your Lifestyle and Personality

When choosing a luxury watch, the first thing you need to consider is how it fits your lifestyle and personality. After all, you’re supposed to wear them, even if it’s just for special occasions.

Do you want to add extra appeal when you’re in a suit and tie for an office meeting or your cousin’s wedding? Then a dress-style luxury watch is your best bet. They feature elegant designs and streamline features to complement formal attires.  

If you want something more casual and functional at the same time, then a luxury sports watch suits you. They’re reliable companions for all your activities and extreme adventures. 

For those who want to take their watches into the deep, diving watches are not only water-resistant but can also tell you when it’s time to resurface and replenish your oxygen tank. 

If you fancy large dials, chronographs, and rotating bezels, then go for a pilot watch. They not only work well for aviators but can also look good on your wrist. 

  • Consider The Watch’s Condition 

Are you buying your luxury watch new, or are you eyeing a pre-owned model that you’ve always wanted?

Everything’s good when you buy new, but there are also advantages to owning a vintage luxury watch. But when it comes to pre-owned, make sure to do your homework. 

Find out everything there is to know about the watch’s age, model, and overall condition. Chances are, you’ll need to service it, so you’ll also need to consult experts regarding refurbishments to make it work like new. 

  • Decide How Much You’ll Spend

Although we’re talking about luxury watches with hefty price tags, you still need to consider how far you can go all out with your first purchase. Besides using it as a status symbol and a fashion statement, your luxury watch can also be considered as an investment. 

Entry-level luxury watches start from USD$1,000 to USD$3,000 while mid-level ones range from USD$4,000 to USD$6,000. Be prepared to spend USD$30,000 to USD$60,000 for high-end brands and limited editions. Prices can also go up to thousands of dollars when you participate in auctions.

Knowing how much you’re willing to spend can also benefit you in the future, as most luxury watches retain or even increase their value over time. 

  • Where To Buy 

Now that you already know the features, complications, and price, you’ll also need to decide where to buy. Besides walking into a retail store, you can also buy through online marketplaces or place your bids on vintage pieces in an auction.

Retail stores often carry new designs and models. Their staff can answer any questions you may have about the watch you’re eyeing and may even provide warranty and servicing. 

On the other hand, several retail sites offer a wide array of luxury watches featuring both new and pre-owned luxury watches. You can easily search for brands, models, and prices on the internet since retail stores and online auctions often organize digital fairs to showcase pictures and descriptions of various luxury watches.   

Wherever you decide to buy, make sure to ask if there are additional fees or charges and always use secure payment options.


Shopping for your first luxury watch takes time and effort. After all, you’re buying something that you can use and even serve as a future investment. It pays to know everything before purchasing because it will reflect your taste and your personality. 

Make sure that you use your watch at least once, so you can feel the luxury that comes with owning a mechanical masterpiece. Whether you buy new or pre-owned, in a store, auction, or online, your first luxury watch is a significant purchase and it must be done carefully and with due diligence. 

Arsene Wargas
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