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Antoine Martin was lanched last year and represent a new alternative to luxury Watch making. Born from a solid and innovative know-how of its founder, Martin Braun, it is now a player of the watchmaking industry located in Alpnach, in the heart of Switzerland.

Martin Braun
Martin Braun

Every time someone try to create a new Watch brand, eyes are pointed on this person as we all wish to be surprised, excited and taken to a new journey in the watch industry. Of course others might see a threat so they might hope it will not work or just keep it small enough to not disturb the business. Anyway, After many fights between big groups to get the number one position, it is always inspiring to see people daring to bring something different to the market. This shows how dynamic the Swiss Watch industry is and how big is its power of innovation.

When Mr Martin Braun, created MHO AG (Manufacture Horlogère Obwalden) in 2009, we knew he wanted  to bring to the market a new proposition and this would start by the creation of a new caliber: the AM 39.001.

It is a hand-wound movement with Perpetual Calendar and 6 days power reserve. The creation of this movement was preceded by years of study of the Swiss lever escapement, its motion, and its dynamic processes.


The Swiss lever escapement is the single most widely used form of escapement used in modern wristwatches. It was invented by Thomas Mudge in 1757, the genius who adapted the anchor escapement to the portable wristwatch, and improved upon by Georges Auguste Leschot in 1825, the inventor of the angle of draw. It has been utilized practically unmodified since this date.

AM-39.001-movement details

AM-39.001-movement details

AM-39.001-movement details caliber

AM-39.001-movement details 2

For years, Martin Braun has thought about improving the Swiss lever escapement for his own movements. However, what he was envisioning was not possible with conventional production methods; the advent of silicium for common use has allowed him to finally realize the solution he imagined. His modified escapement is called the High Performance Escapement, or HPE for short. The angles of the Swiss lever escapement have always represented a compromise between effectivity and retaining oil using the capillary effect of certain angles.

To run the business, one man got the mission letter to make Antoine Martin an exceptional luxury brand: Bruno Jufer. He has an important experience in the watchmaking industry. From Maurice Lacroix, Jaquet Droz, Zenith and most recently at Carl F. Bucherer, Mr Jufer has gathered an excellent vision of the market, the future challenges and a clever management.

Bruno Jufer Antoine Martin
Bruno Jufer

And the first models were just after produced with a very high level of details and luxury care.



Since last year, the Brand also brought into the market a new variation of the flying tourbillon combined with a perpetual calendar. A pure master piece, between great watch making heritage and innovative vision. And here is the Caliber AM 39.002.


Martin Braun chose silicium as the material for the pallet lever, escape wheel and impulse pin, and opted for a balance of nickel silver. Precision adjustment is achieved via the two half-round-head screws made of 18-carat gold, while the tourbillon cage is poised using two gold rings. The result is a tourbillon consisting of precisely 65 parts and weighing a total of 0.62 grams. And here is the TQP01.710.1 by Antoine Martin.



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