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The 80’s saw a liberation of classical standards and very innovative brands were born. So when Carlo Crocco created Hublot in 1980, he was the mirror of a certain idea of innovation, quality and distinction. The first watch signed Hublot philosophy. It was a golden watch set in a rubber strap. The bezel had the recognizable shape of a ship porthole, translated as Hublot in French. Tradition meets modernity and the art of fusion started. In 2004, Carlo Crocco hired the incomparable Jean-Claude Biver and appointed him as the company CEO. His role was to dream big and level up Hublot to the rank of super star. This larger-than-life figure took the original concept of combining materials even further as “The Art of Fusion”.

Big Bang, the brand’s flagship collection, took its cue from the Hublot watch launched in 1980. It immediately went on to claim the Best Design prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. Soon after it was joined by the King Power collection and, later, the Classic Fusion range, driven by extra-thin, UNICO in-house movements. In 2006 the brand launched its Big Bang All Black, and with it introduced the innovative concept of an all-black watch. The brand has continued to invest in research and development, with Matthias Buttet at the head of its R&D division. It also joined forces with Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) to develop a new alloy of 24k gold and ceramic (boron carbide) that has a hardness of almost 1,000 Vickers. This “Magic Gold” was revealed to the public at end 2011, which was also the year Hublot paid tribute to the Antikythera mechanism, an Ancient Greek cosmograph which the brand miniaturised to fit inside a wristwatch. Hublot also has its own Grandes Complications division with some 30 watchmakers, prototypists, electroplaters and engineers. With this new Baselworld edition, Hublot has built new projects capitalizing on the brand strengths

What is new this year with Hublot?


Hublot is about the art of innovation. For Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot CEO, if you wish to lead the watchmaking industry, you need to innovate or die. Since the 80’s, Hublot has continuously innovated, always thinking out of the box.

Hublot makes yesterday eternal – Jean Claude Biver

10 years after the launch of the All Black, Hublot could not let this milestone to pass without a celebration. Back in 2006, Hublot launched a new trend. While all watchmakers were fighting for visibility, clarity and outstanding high-pitched timepieces, Hublot decided to go in the opposite direction and launched a full-black edition. Everything was black in that watch. It was the first black watch, that generated an all trend of black watches. Initially they have produced less than 300 units and they ended up selling 2’700.


Now 10 years later, Hublot celebrates the birth of a trend by launching a 500 units All Black Sapphire watch. Naturally in order to respect the concept of All Black, Hublot has developed a “smoked Sapphire”. And here is the new model, purely an amazing design. Again, Hublot worked on a fusion of materials in order to bring a contemporary look to this new watch. The smoked effect is astonishing, bringing an interesting depth to the piece. It also procures a more lower profile than a full transparent sapphire.


Another interesting project presented today was the collaboration with Berluti. As you know Hublot and Berluti belong to the same group, LVMH. The French luxury group is the world champion for synergies. Here in our case, Hublot worked with the very best from Berluti. The timeless quality and design of Berluti at the service of Swiss Watchmaking. Hublot



With this new model, the watch dial and the bracelet is manufactured in collaboration with Berluti. The dial is pretty much mind-blowing as the leather is marked directly in the skin itself. It provides a very elegant and sophisticated look, still highlighting the quality of natural beauty.

As we can see, Baselworld starts at high standards and Hublot has shown already a great energy by revealing these two amazing projects based on innovation, passion and respect of traditions.


Sébastien Eich

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