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The Geneva International Watchmaking show is already finished. One full week of amazing watches from some of the most luxury Swiss Made brands. Every year, the Watch press and the watch aficionados hold their breathes until the new watches are revealed during the SIHH. Thanks to an extraordinary organization, precise as a Swiss watch, the 25th edition of SIHH was a great success. The event is strictly reserved for the Watchmaking professionals, best customers and friends of the brands.  During a full week, most of the brands will make their annual sales for most of them. Others still have a second opportunity by participating to Baselworld in March.

We need to congratulate the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie for this impeccable organization. It is a true pleasure to attend to the fair as everything is made to put you at ease. It was an amazing edition. There were no crazy blockbusters but just little wonders of technicality and poetry. Basically all that we love.

SIHH 2015, poetry on your wrist

If you think that watchmaking is just a matter of mechanical components doing tik tak, you are missing an incredible part of the game. And on this field, two brand shine more than others at the SIHH: Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier.

VanCleef-Arpels-carpe VanCleef-Arpels-floral-poetry VanCleef-Arpels

SIHH 2015, elegance is a matter of good taste

When it comes to Swiss watchmaking, there is one thing that Swiss horlogers know how to do: timeless elegance and perfect allure. Here we could quote all the brands present in the fair, but we appreciated 2 brands specifically for the harmony understated-luxury and stylish watches: Parmigiani Fleurier and IWC

Parmigiani_Fleurier_mother-of-pearl Parmigiani_Fleurier

SIHH 2015, Modernity is not only a word

While certain brands would completely capitalize on a pure tradition of watchmaking, others want to revamp history and bring a different and contemporary facet of things. This is the case of Roger Dubuis, Montblanc and Panerai. To note the connected watch by Montblanc and its bluetooth e-strap. It is the first connected luxury watch.



Montblanc-estrap-connected-watch Montblanc-estrap

SIHH 2015, heritage is a strong creative star

Among all brands at the SIHH there are clearly legendary names. Watches which marked history. There are brands that have a tremendous precious heritage and their style only becomes better every year. At the SIHH this year we had some amazing watches in our hands. Heritage is the foundation of any piece of future a brand can dream of. Some of the brands use their legacy to explore unique universes and propose speechless watches. This is the case of Jaeger LeCoultre, A. Lange & Söhne and Baume & Mercier.

Jaeger-Lecoultre-classic Jaeger-Lecoultre

SIHH 2015, Designing a watch is a challenge for the mind

The great thing with Swiss Watchmaking is that each brand has its own universe. Every year we discover breath-taking new watches and each one of them has that special detail that will make your watch-aficionado heart race. This year we would highlight Richard Mille, Piaget and Ralph Lauren.


In conclusion, we keep in our minds amazing watches, but above all amazing and passionate people who all welcomed us with great generosity. LuxuryActivist SIHH team would like to warmly thanks Mr. Stephane Malfroy, Ms. Simeonides, Ms Divine Bonga, Mr Donatus Grütter and Ms Stephanie Soda for the warm welcome and the presentations. Final but not least, congratulations to the Fondation De la Haute Horlogerie for another great edition.




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