TAG Heuer – Mikrogirder 2000 – Reveal

Before the start of Baselworld 2012, Tag Heuer revealed its new Mikrogirder 2000. You might not miss that one in Baselworld.


According to the Brand:

Simpler, faster and more efficient than science dreamed possible, impervious to gravity and dramatically reducing isochronous error, potentially easier to manufacture and able to precisely measure time to a phenomenal 1/2,000th of a second today, and probably even more precisely tomorrow…

TAG Heuer challenges three centuries of hairspring/balance wheel mechanical regulation conventions to create a totally new mechanical regulator. The legendary Swiss brand is now unveiling a first Concept version, a 2,000th of a second chronograph beating at 1,000 Hz or 7,200,000 beats per hour!


Interesting to see how the Brand is moving from a “celebrities-marketing” brand to a real engineering watch maker philosophy as main lead of their communication campaign.

Here is the film revealing this amazing Timepiece, you can feel the race…

For more photos and technical details, do not hesitate to check Les Rhabilleurs website.

See more at Baselworld.



info sourced at LesRhabilleurs.com and on Tag Heuer official website and youtube channel. All images copyrighted, no rights for reproduction without further notice.

Sebastien Eich

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