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Stephanie Fonteyn is an English painter, living in Switzerland where she works. She grew in an artistic environment and start painting in 2002. She is a self-made Artist and Painter and we can see she has her own style. She is this week at the Comptoir Suisse, a popular fair in Lausanne – Switzerland. When I visited the Comptoir, I had the chance to discover Ms Fonteyn’s work.

I like the spontaneous way she paints. I am not sure that Marylin and Ms Hepburn would be my choices, as they are very mainstream themes but “it is the Comptoir Suisse”. It needs to be a little more democratic.  Anyway, I discovered online other paintings from Stephanie fonteyn which I definitely really find more interesting. Color is an important point to the Artist as she uses it like an expression of emotions.

Since 2002, she explored different themes that her translation looks colorful, lively and fresh. We can definitely see some influences from Mondrian, especially on the more abstract painting. Very close to neo-plasticism we recognize the lines and the primary colors. This is what Stephanie Fonteyn call “Organized Chaos”. It is a brilliant idea in which she gets away from Mondrian extreme precision, without surprises, to a more passionate path where the perfect lines become like ink drawings, much more emotional.
stephanie fonteyn

Since she is living in Switzerland, close to Montreux, she got inspired by the famous Jazz festival and we can see the intense emotion of special moments took from the jazz performers. Check here this beautiful interpretation of Maceo Parker portrait. We can see a great intensity on the eyes like if we could see all his passion. The artist strokes all around this expressive illuminated face also gives a sort of redemption of the Montreux ambience. Warm and intimate.

stephanie fonteyn

Check here some other interesting work from Stephanie Fonteyn, mainly my preferred ones:

stephanie fonteynstephanie fonteynstephanie fonteyn





Some of her paintings have almost a Comics style. We could imagine a full story illustrated by Stephanie Fonteyn.
stephanie fonteyn

stephanie fonteyn

After this interesting (for its modernity) portrait of Duke Ellington, I invite you to check the artist website for more displays:


All information sourced @Comptoir Suisse and on the artist website