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Are you planning an adventure abroad and want to make it feel as romantic as possible? Are you aching to experience something new and unique that has a rich history of romance and extravagance behind it? If the answer is yes then you may find that a trip to the opera can offer you and your loved one the ultimate combination of all of these things and more. Here are some of the reasons why opera is the ideal night out for all hopeless romantics. 

Opera was Born in the World’s Most Romantic Country 

Exploring the art and passions of the country you’re in is one of the most rewarding things a traveller can do. And since Italy exudes whimsical romance and adventure, it makes sense that a Rome opera trip will serve as the ultimate combination of wanderlust and love. There’s nothing quite like experiencing opera in the country that cultivated this art form over hundreds of years. 

It’s an opportunity to Dress Up and Feel More Special 

In a post-pandemic world that saw many of us staying indoors together wearing comfy sweatpants, the chance to make more effort and dress up can be incredibly exciting as a couple. Why not plan to make it more special by travelling in luxury and packing your smartest clothing for a night out in Rome at a glamorous opera night? 

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They Tell Timeless Love Stories at the Opera 

Who doesn’t love a good love story? Even operas that have overarching themes of war, greed, and guilt will inevitably have a love story at its core. And while a good romance novel or movie can uplift us all, the live and electric feeling of a love story being told through colourful costumes, booming singing voices and beautiful music is far more impactful. 

There’s an Intimacy that Comes from an Opera Performance 

Maybe it’s the outfits and the splendour of your surroundings. Or perhaps it’s the moving musical overtures and the range of emotions you feel during a performance. Either way, from the second you enter that historic building and take your seat, there’s an unspoken intimacy that surges through the entire audience.

If you’re fortunate enough to be sat next to someone special when this magic hits you, there’s a powerful feeling of awe and appreciation for one another awaiting you both. 

It’s a Memorable Experience to Have with Someone 

For many couples, having something that’s completely unique and special to them and them only is important. And when you take a trip to the opera, you’re cementing an important memory that only comes from two people who love each other deeply experiencing something new together. 

In time, that experience may even become a mutual newly found love of this timeless art form. And years from now, you could even be celebrating a milestone anniversary, back in those seats, hand in hand, waiting for those memories to wash over you when that curtain is drawn all over again. 

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