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Every Holiday season, Aesop delight us with the very best of its product collection. Either with new amazing launches or with great giftsets, Aesop is definitely one of the stars of the season. Here are their recent launches. You will be amazed.

Parsley Seed Anti-oxydant facial cream & Lucent Facial Concentrate


The new Parsley Seed Antioxydant is a richly emollient cream offering exceptional anti-oxidant fortification for the skin. Potent, soothing moisturiser formulated with emollient botanicals and anti-oxidant rich ingredients to fortify the skin and leave it feeling soft, supple and thoroughly hydrated. Suited to most skin types, other than sensitive. 3 main ingredients:

  • White Tea
  • Tocopherol
  • Rock Rose

This fresh, herbaceous scented cream will delight you with a  moment of pure pleasure. Your skin will feel and look hydrated. It is the perfect care to start the holiday season with.


The new Lucent Facial Concentrate by Aesop is a vitamin-rich hydrating serum for most skin types. A lightweight serum to soothe, replenish and balance the skin, and to impart a matte finish. Ideal as a stand-alone hydrator for those with combination to oily skin, and as a daily vitamin booster for normal to dry skin types. The 3 main ingredients are:

  • Rose Petal
  • Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate
  • Niacinamide 

This Serum will provide you with the best skincare can offer and will rebalance your skin for the perfect result. The subtle yet present Rose scent is very pleasant and provides an extra sensation of richness.


Pursuits of Passion – Festive treats for venturous spirits







This year’s Gift Kits honor six naturalists long revered for their writing, illustrations, boundless curiosity and history-making discoveries. Six gift sets with the very best of the brand at your service.

Minakata Kumagusu – The Constant Gatherer
The Constant Gatherer references brilliant, eccentric Japanese naturalist Minakata Kumagusu, an expert on lichens and fungi, who studied and worked around the globe. He often foraged for specimens wearing only a loincloth.

John Muir – The Impassioned Wanderer
The Impassioned Wanderer kit honours John Muir, who migrated from his Scottish birthplace to Wisconsin with his family while still a child. He inadvertently found his way to Yosemite (or Ahwahnee, to original Native American residents) in 1868, and lived there intermittently until 1874; his love of the area made him instrumental in the establishment of Yosemite National Park in 1890.

Andrew Leith Adams – The Intrepid Gent
The Intrepid Gent takes its title from Scottish army physician Andrew Leith Adams, who spent much of his spare time studying the natural history of the places in which he worked between 1848 and 1873 – India, Kashmir, Egypt, Malta, Gibraltar and Canada.

Maria Sibylla Merian – The Avid Explorer
The Avid Explorer kit is named for German-born naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian, who in 1699 sailed with her daughter Dorothea to the then colony of Surinam in South America to study its indigenous fauna and flora, particularly its insects. Her journey has been described as the first expedition devoted solely to science; it was certainly the first of its kind for any woman.

Etheldred Benett – The Persistent Collector
The Persistent Collector pays homage to Etheldred Benett, active in late 18th and early 19th centuries and widely regarded as the first female geologist. Benett studied natural history from an early age, acquiring a significant collection of fossils by the time she was 30; independently wealthy, she was able to follow her passion at leisure. At we received this giftset which allowed us to test the products and see by ourselves.


Leonard Jenyns – The Intent Observer
The Intent Observer pays respects to Leonard Jenyns, who famously refused the role of HMS Beagle’s on-board naturalist for Charles Darwin’s 1831 voyage, choosing to remain in Cambridgeshire on account of his health and parish responsibilities (he was also a parson).

Aesop has a rich universe in which every single product is crafted very carefully. From natural ingredients, cosmetology and poetry, the Australian brand has endless possibilities, so still several year ahead with great products. You can learn more by visiting the brand website: 

José Amorim

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