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France is the land of perfumery. Historically speaking, the Egyptians invented perfumery but French leveled it up to an Art. In Strasbourg, capital of Europe, I discovered a passionate experience proposed by Atelier Evanessence. It is a journey into the heart of perfumes.

Atelier Evanessence
photo: David Chantoiseau

Agnès Azario-Bouyé is the owner and founder of Atelier Evanessence. She used to work for a fragrance house for many years. Years in which she had the chance to work with great perfumers and magnificent brands. She discovered the world of fragrance creation and became passionated about it. Today, she wants to share this passion for perfumery, for pure creation and, for the precious raw materials used to create these masterpieces called fragrances. She created Atelier Evanessence, based in Strasbourg. Going to thisAtelier Evanessence true adventurous journey you can discover a beautiful city, Strasbourg, the historical center and secrets from the perfumer’s desk.

The workshop took place in a beautiful 16th century hotel in Strasbourg called Cour du Corbeau. It is just a few minutes away from the High Cathedral. During 3 hours Ms Azario-Bouyé introduced us to the mysteries of fragrance creation. We learnt how Chanel n°5 was created, how incredible natural ingredients are, how synthetic ingredients transform a fragrance from a “nature morte” into an impressionist creation.

With delicacy and elegance, we get closer and closer to the spirit of creation and understand better how the perfumer, the “nose”, creates.

atelier Evanessence intimité du parfum

We can also discover young creator’s fragrance brands proposed by the Atelier, some of them in exclusivity. One of them is called Egofacto.

Egofacto is an alternative fragrance brand created by Pierre Aulas. He has been creating together with famous brands, part of the most beautiful fragrances on the past 10 years. He decided finally to launch his own brand. Egofacto proposes an original collection of 7 fragrances supposed to match one’s personality.
atelier Evanessence Egofacto

Before coming to the workshop, Ms Azario-Bouyé asked our preferred fragrances in general. We did not know why, until the moment she showed our personal olfactive profile. Thanks to this we could better explore new fragrances and she could then recommend some of the fragrances she displayed. Basically I got in 5 minutes what I dream to have in a perfumery shop for the past 5 years: personalized advice.
atelier Evanessence olfactive profiles

I enjoyed this experience. It was a pleasure to smell again raw materials, describe what we smell and learn so many stories in a very light and playful way. I made a short movie that, hopefully, captures the elegant ambiance in that place.

So, if you are visiting Strasbourg for a couple of days, do not hesitate to book an “atelier de parfums”. So chic. They also have a formula for Company events. You can personalize your workshop, be alone for a real exclusive rendez-vous.

When fragrances interact with cultural architecture, the result is just exquisite.