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If we say Balenciaga is a very chic, timeless brand, we can not agree more. If we say Balenciaga “egerie”, Charlotte Gainsbourg, has a little something that makes a huge difference, fine. If we say Nicolas Guesquière is making a brilliant job, a hell yes.
But even then, I would say it was a delighful surprise to see the birth of the new fragrance for women Balenciaga Paris.
We remember Le Dix, launched in 1947 in honor of the elegant Couture House created by Cristobal Balenciaga in 1937. 10 years but also the mythic address : 10, avenue Marceau in Paris. Mr Balenciaga revolutionized the silhouette by broadening the shoulders and removing the Waists. He marked the 50’s with his timeless, feminine and chic creations.
Le 10 of Balenciaga became one of the marking fragrances of the 50’s. It represent this beautiful floral and elegant signature so typical of the post-war period. Rose and Lilly of the Valley signed this timeless fragrance.
With the arrival of Nicolas Ghesquière as the Artistic Director of the Brand, Balenciaga moved from a Sleepy Beauty to a magnificent vibrating brand. So it was very natural that so many years after Le Dix, the Couture House launch now Balenciaga Paris Eau de Parfum. As always, each single angle and detail was specially manufactured for one of the most beautiful feminine launches this year.
The original Rose and Lilly of the Valley gave place to a timeless powdery violet that signs the new Eau de Parfum. The Bottle can be considered as an original shape between the polygon and the triangle.
From Nicolas Ghesquière himself : “Charlotte Gainsbourg doesn’t define herself. This fragrance is just like her”.
Under the shadow of this great brand we have the Fragrance company Coty International. They already launched Chloé, from the brand of the same name. They did a great work and we fill that they will continue on this lead in 2010 with Balenciaga Paris.