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While in Europe we tend to think that Celebrity fragrances are not really a good business, you can ask the american industry. They have made millions of dollars with this new segment. Here some figures.

The first ever celebrity fragrance to be a big hit was White Diamonds by Elisabeth Taylor with Elisabeth Arden group since 1991. Lately we got Glow by Jennifer Lopez in 2002. Only the first year it generated 60 million dollars of sales and still today it is on the top 10 most sold celebrity fragrances. And since then, many others tried some of them being a success for a long time.

So here is the 2011 ranking of celebrity fragrances made by Forbes magazine:

#1 White Diamonds by Elisabeth Taylor – 1991
54 million $


#2  Driven by Derek Jeter – 2010
27 million $

#3 Heat by Beyonce – 2010
21 million $

#4 Unforgivable by P.Diddy – 2006
18 million $
unforgivable p diddy sean John

#4 NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker – 2009
18 million dollar
NYC Sarah Jessica Parker

#4 Fancy by Jessica Simpson – 2008
18 million $

#4 Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani – 2008
18 million $
harajuku lovers

#5 Usher by Usher – 2010
16 million $
usher by usher fragrance

#6 Glow by Jennifer Lopez – 2002
12 million $

#6 In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon – 2009
12 million $
reese-witherspoon in bloom

And soon we will have the next big hit, Fame by Lady Gaga. For sure it will represent millions. They started a huge advertising campaign that will be followed by a massive distribution program. Here is the advertising:

Who are we missing? Here my top list to come (my bet):

– Kim Kardashian
– Kayne West
– Justin Bieber
–  Robert Pattinson

Any bets ?


Info sourced on Faces and Forbes Magazine. All images are copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.