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We’re already months into the new year and, for many of us, not much about our lives has changed. And while the certainty of a steadfast routine can positively influence many aspects of life, it can also be boring. If you’re never changing, adapting, and growing, you’ll be left behind. Now, most men would default to changing up their wardrobe when it comes time for a change, but this can be extremely costly and time consuming. However, a simple hairstyle transformation can go a long way when revamping your style and look. The beauty of a hairstyle change is that it’s cheap and completely temporary – if you don’t like your new cut, it will grow back in a few weeks.

When getting a new cut, it’s important to pick a hairstyle that is going to make a statement that is fashion-forward and awesome. Men’s haircuts with short sides and long tops continue to reign king. According to the experts at, today’s hottest hairstyles include the retro quiff, modern pompadour, and slicked back undercut, just to name a few. For a more complete analysis of the top cool men’s hairstyles of 2017, check out these amazing illustrations.

Coolest Men's Hairstyles 2017


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