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After the success of Chanel n°5 and its Eau Première, Guerlain is launching Shalimar Parfum Initial.
The Fragrance was composed by Thierry Le Vasseur the In-house perfumer.
All these first “chapters” give us a feeling of purity, of back to the Origins, to the truth, to the pure creation. There is something of divinity in this Fragrances, like revealing the true inspiration of this incredible creations. We hope by these means to get some revelation, to understand part of the Artist true idea… like a mystery revealed. So each time a brand reveals “chapter one” we can only feel excited about it. When Chanel N°5 launched Eau Première, we discovered a true creation, like a ray of light in the true heart of the historical creation. Chanel N°5 was in 1921, and here Shalimar evoques 1925. It is an invitation to explore eastern fantasies, orientalism, the richness of Arts and the incredible signature of a legendary scent… Shalimar.
From the perfumer work, we can see an enlightenment of things. Fresher, brighter and yet sensual. Let’s hope it is not just a marketing tactic but more an artistic testimonial. The Print ad shows Natalia Vodianova totally naked, between the sacred and the pagan,
sensuality or virginity, power or devotion…. the Shalimar mystery still remains for the beauty of our senses…
IT will be launched in Europe this spring.