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While many fragrance brands are playing safe and keeping its footsteps into the conservative path of safe choices, some people try to dare something different, something with a soul. Meet MADE IN PIGALLE, a new Fragrance brand freshly launched with the aim of revealing the Paris of Parisians. It is our Fragrance brand of the month.

MADE IN PIGALLE, Simple Ideas Are Often The Best.

The founding soul of MADE IN PIGALLE is Paul Petit. A Parisian of course but above all, a passionate professional from the Fragrance and luxury industry. Paul is Parisian but he is also a citizen of the world. He lived in New York, Tokyo, London and Barcelona. He embraced the intensity and richness of living in great capitals and after so many years, Paris was calling him back. As we often say, when you learn how to market a product or a brand for others, you can easily do it for yourself. After being a high-level professional in the fragrance and luxury industry, Paul decided the time was now to embrace a new adventure, more personal. And that is how MADE IN PIGALLE was born. On Paul’s own words MADE IN PIGALLE is a dream and a passion which became reality. A dream made of flavors, scents and olfactory emotions. Emotions which Paul felt during his childhood summers in the South of France, surrounded by aromatic gardens. Thyme, rosemary, mimosa, lavender, bougainvillea, morning roses are his oxygen, his olfactory alphabet. Hundreds of memories which form the sources of inspiration.


MADE IN PIGALLE aims to translate into an olfactory experience, the Parisian lifestyle around different characters, archetypes of a modern Paris.

  • Simone in Saint German
  • Victor in Voltaire
  • Elsa in Alésia
  • Martin in Montorgueil
  • Marie in Le Marais
  • Joâo in Jaurès
  • Abel in Abesses


Seven Parisian styles, areas and characters for an interesting olfactory palette. As the poet Robert Browning said: “Less is more”. With MADE IN PIGALLE,  there is no marketing, no celebrities and no “chichi“. The hero is the know-how and the passion for great little things. The Parisian brand makes the choice to work exclusively with French craftsmen. An unique know-how developed for centuries at the service of beauty. The fragrances were created in Grasse, the spiritual and historical home of French perfumery and the flacons were created by a glassmaker, 3rd generation family-owned business. Each MADE IN PIGALLE fragrance is assembled by hand and checked individually to obtain the highest standards of quality. The importance of such details makes MADE IN PIGALLE an unique brand and a special fragrance proposal.


MADE IN PIGALLE, From Paris With Love.

Paris is the city of lights and also a great inspiration for fragrance lovers. Paris has this “je ne sais quoi” that changes everything. With the creation of MADE IN PIGALLE, the idea is to translate a contemporary Paris into the fragrance world. It is a true challenge as there is not one Paris but multiple Paris in one. Intense, soft between large boulevards and very narrow streets, trendy and boldly. A chaotic, playful, slightly naughty mix of creativity, style, elegance and irreverence. The different fragrances share the same soul, therefore the same flacon and outer-packaging.




Obviously each fragrance is unique and you will for sure fall in love with at least one of them. With Simone in Saint German, the fashionista, the story takes us to a journey made of Centifolia rose and violet leaf from Grasse, as well as the sensual delight of Indian sandalwood and the spiciness of Cardamom from Guatemala. A strong femininity wrapped in a sensual atmosphere. With Victor in Voltaire the story is about power and energy thanks to juniper berry and Italian pink pepper that are magnified by the strength of iris and the cedar wood from Morocco. With Elsa in Alésia, it is all about the soft juicy sensuality of watermelon from the Provencal countryside, reinforced by ambergris. Martin in Montorgueil showcases the bitterness of fig leaf from Greece, mixed with the subtle warmth of cedar wood and the strength of sandalwood. It is rich, striking and generous. Marie in Le Marais, plays with a hyper sensual cocktail of femininity and elegance of blackcurrant bud, mixed with petals of centifolia rose from Grasse, and precious iris wood. Joao in Jaurès, by far my preferred, displays an astonishing accord of sage and Madagascan clove. Then, it melts into woody vetiver from Java and profound white wood. Last but not least, Abel in Abbesses translates into a true mesmerizing elixir of leather and Cuban tobacco leaves, exalted by sacred Indian Oud and Atlas cedar. To close in style, a warm and resinous note of cistus labdanum.

From a raw material point of view, all fragrances provides a sense of quality. It is a real pleasure to smell a true Rose, a orris root or a simple and high-qualitative sage. Most of ingredients are not crazy or invented. They are true beautiful classics of Perfumery played in a contemporary context. On skin, we have a true development with an introduction, a middle chapter and a comfortable and long-lasting conclusion. These are qualitative fragrances with a possible entry door to everyone. The price positioning is good and reflects the quality placed into the product. So if you fall in love with one of these fragrances, you will for sure become an addicted customer. The olfactory structure does plays with contrasts but not in a conflictual way. It all melts in a harmonious story. The fresh and sparkling top notes and the bright modernity of the bases, allows a immediate projection into the proposed olfactory journey. I would not consider them as “niche fragrances” but more as an interesting, possible alternative to the mainstream brands.

You can find more about MADE IN PIGALLE by connecting to the official website here:

Paris tells the story of its Parisians through the olfactory lens of MADE IN PIGALLE. So far there are seven fragrances related to seven areas in Paris. As we know Paris contains 20 areas or “Arrondissements”. So there is still a lot of creativity ahead. This new fragrance brand will conquer your heart the same way Paris would conquer it: passionately without compromises.

José Amorim

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