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Prada is launching a new fragrance, totally inspired by Color blocking, in my opinion. Its name: Prada Candy. We can see that after the minimalistic approach of perfumery, the italian house decided to change directions and be more…. bold.

We can see that this summer a wind of wildness is blowing on fashion as Color blocking becomes the code. I already wrote an article about this when Louis Vuitton launched its new bags collection. And we can see that some brands took this trend as mainstream, like Gucci, Prada or Fendi. Here we can see that Prada definitely is playing bold as the new fragrance, Prada Candy is so color blocking. Here is some images of the last fashion collection and you will see what I mean.

prada colour blocking fashion collection prada candyprada nappa clutch bag color blocking prada candy

prada summer 2011 color blocking

On the Fragrance side, Prada Candy is launched this summer in the USA and then in September in Europe. The Fragrance is also in a totally different way. Miuccia Prada explains that Prada is always about surprising women who seeks freedom and lightness. With this new fragrance, Prada explores a over the top sexyness and they built the fragrance with olfactive big blocks. Notes like Benzoin or Caramel are used in overdose for an astonishing result. In perfumery the Prada style was always a journey into the heart of raw materials, a modernized perfume tradition. The perfumer is Daniela Andrier from Givaudan. She could be considered as almost a Prada in-house perfumer as she created at least 18 different fragrances among the Infusions and Prada N°. She totally understands the brand and the creation teams at Puig (the group has Prada fragrance license).

jose manuel albesaJosé Manuel Albesa, the chief brand office at Puig explains: ““Prada has the ability to reinvent itself when it wants to and Miuccia [Prada] wanted to make a bold statement with this launch. This scent is more feminine and more excessive than past launches. It has an explosion of joie de vivre that is quite unique for us, and uses a lot more color, including an outer packaging with a drawing,” while another rep added, “Up until now, we have explored the more traditional and classic side of Prada, but the brand is much more than that. With Prada Candy, there is a wish to explore the more daring facets of Prada fashion: the modernist, creative and colorful sides.”

In terms of Flacon, a geometrical cilinder shape glass wears color blocking tones like if the flacon wasprada candy heating up the “juice”. The outer packaging shows a cartoon blond girl, very “Sex in the City” like. We spot out a hint of nostalgia vintage, a so 50’s touch in the name logo and in the colors used. Some people see it as a young fragrance but I think it is because of the color blocking usage. Is it going to be a success? Not sure but I think that Prada aim is to build step by step a Fragrance house name and for the moment it is going on the right direction.

The Advertising features french actress Léa Seydoux. She played in Inglorious Bastards of Tarantino, Midnight in Paris of Woody Allen and Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. She is young, modern and represents a generation of free young women. Perfect for the Prada Candy advertisement. On the TV spot she will play the role of a piano student that will try to seduce her teacher thanks to a sexy dance. Cannot wait to see it.


The range will be quite short to start and will probable capitalize on the 3 different sizes of flacon.
Prada Candy range

So, this summer, be bold.



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