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Winter is over, and confinement was not necessarily a good thing for your physical and mental health. Now it is time to take back control of your body and restart good habits. While having a healthy life is crucial, especially on doing regular physical exercise, Sisley launches this year Le Sculpteur. It is definitely new contouring care that will help you take back control of your body.

According to the brand, it is the first product designed to refine the silhouette. Its unrivalled performance provides visible results from 14 days: the appearance of dimples is diminished, and the skin looks and feels more firmed and toned. Here is my full review.

Sisley Le Sculpteur: Innovation At All Levels

Sisley entered into a fundamental research collaboration for the first time with a specialist team headed by Professor Christophe Magnan of the University of Paris. A patent was submitted for a groundbreaking sculpting action discovery as a result of this once-in-a-lifetime collaboration. Pink Pepper Oil, Caffeine, Cedrol, and White Ginger extract, as well as Mandarin extract, Andiroba oil, and exopolysaccharide derived from Plankton, work together to encourage sculpting and toning, eventually restoring harmony to the figure for a more harmonious look.

Using Sisley Le Sculpteur for 2 weeks, you will begin to see the first effects on cellulite that start to fade away. The intense formula and the new massage techniques will help circulation, and cellulite can be eliminated by the body naturally. This will make your skin cleaner, firmer and more sculpted. Le Sculpteur is more than a typical sculpting product; it “reshapes” the contours and volumes of the body for a more balanced and harmonious figure.


2021, A New Body Paradigm

For decades, the press used to talk about the ideal body. Women around the world would desperately fight to get to this ideal body that did not make sense. The body is not an idea; it is your vehicle for physical and mental well-being. It is your daily partner able to embody health, energy and fulfilment. The new idea is not about an ideal body; it is about keeping your body healthy for a longer time. As we say: “We have only one life, one body”. It is our main resource that we need to preserve and respect. By taking care of your body, you show respect for yourself. Self-love is the first milestone to happiness. Sisley supports a more positive and healthier approach to body image, far away from past trends.

Sisley Le Sculpteur: A New Texture


This sculpting care features a distinctive gel-in-oil texture that helps the main ingredients penetrate optimally into your skin. The gel-in-oil emulsion gives you a fresh feeling of well-being as soon as you apply it. It has an immediate shaping effect and leaves a velvety finish. It absorbs easily into the skin, allowing you to put on clothes right away.

With the new Sisley Le Sculpteur, you will get rid of the unhappy moments of these pandemics. You will retake control of your body and show him some love. Its packaging and texture are fully adapted to modern life and will be the perfect companion for women daily. You can check Sisley official website here for more information:

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