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Victorinox is continuously exploring different directions and try to surprise their customers with new original products. Discover the new men fragrance by the Swiss company called Swiss Unlimited Energy.  It is fresh, young, modern and definitely gives you a burst of energy this summer.Victorinox-Swiss-Unlimited-Energy
After the launch of Swiss Unlimited, a new fragrance line for men, Victorinox continues on the quest of innovative thinking on what do men want. This summer, you can discover this new exciting product, all based in one single and strong idea: ENERGY. According to the brand, Swiss unlimited men’s fragrance Energy will trigger a desire in men to develop all of their potential, that deep, fundamental instinct for challenges and power…a power of seduction that allows for unlimited sensations.

The first striking thing is the Fragrance flacon. Inspired by the original Swiss Unlimited flacon, it was completely revisited in order to fit better the concept of energy on the move. The sophisticated rubber and glass flacon gives the place to an urban-practical plastic flacon with a very elegant carabine hook on the side. The built-in elements were assembled in a perfect way, so that you have the feeling to have one block. The on-off cap was kept for the useful pleasure of all men. The colour is also very appealing as this frost effect makes us think of a ice cube. The Flacon is a 150ml / 5.0 Fl.oz which a generous capacity for a generous usage.
The outer-packaging is completely transparent which highlights the impression of freshness and lightness. It highlights also the flacon, like a glorifier, so in the shops, this product will not be low profile. On the sides of the packaging we can read the words “UNLIMITED ENERGY”, which is a play-on-words between the name of the product and the claim of endless energy. It is written in a very dynamic way, so it matches the overall concept of the fragrance.
Concerning the fragrance itself, it capitalizes on a new approach of freshness. Rather than proposing a traditional citrus sparkling freshness, Swiss Unlimited Energy explores the fresh side of green and spicy notes. In the packaging you can read “Cologne Sensation” but it is definitely more than a Cologne. A distinctive Mint leaf note burst on your skin from the first seconds and it is wrapped up on a Grapefruit-Violet leaf accord. So it proposes a sort of contrasted effect with lots of vibrancy. After a while, we smell notes of Lavender and Absinthe that draw a clear masculine strength in the formula. The olfactory story ends up with a clean ambery and woody accord, extending the vibrant energy of the fragrance long-time after the first Pshiiiiitttt !
In order to capitalize on the new fragrance concept, Victorinox made a great video together with the Swiss Surfing association. Check it out:

The film was directed by Loris Mazzeo from Nero Beril Films for Victorinox Fragrances. The music is called Comet by the group called Hey Champ. In the movie we see a day snapshot of a surfer who crave for energy. Energy from the sea, from the waves, from the sun, from his board… and from his fragrance. Everything is made in an artistic contrast between action, softness and energy. To make this movie, Victorinox put on stage 2 Swiss surfers, members of the Swiss Surfing Association: Cyril Inauen and Matthieu Honegger.

We can see impressive scenes shot in the heart of the action. Some shots were done with the camera in the water and they also used a Hero3 fixed in the front of the board, to give you a more immersive experience. Victorinox and the Swiss Surfing Association (SSA) have a long story together. Victorinox has been their long lasting sponsor since the beginning of the SSA. They support them in international championships and are the main sponsor for the Swiss Surfing Team. Besides many other useful tools Victorinox produces the world famous Swiss Army Knife, which’s shape is similar to the shape of a surfboard…
The Swiss Surfing Association represents the national surfing champions. The best will represent Switzerland at international surfing competitions such as the ISA World Surfing Games. If you wish to learn more about the Swiss Surfing Association, check their official website:
If you wish to know more about Swiss Unlimited Fragrance, just browse and look for it under Fragrances. It is a product you do not want to miss. Summer is here, so enjoy the sun.



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