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One year after the launch of Womanity, the latest women fragrance, Thierry Mugler launches a new visual campaign that is supposed to re-vamp the initial concept. According to the fragrance Brand, Womanity is about the invisible link that connects all women together, all ages, all generations. The first visual was in line with a certain idea of mythology as you can see here:
thierry mugler womanity original visual 2010

On this first visual we can see 4 pictures took from the concept film made by Thierry Mugler himself. One woman wears a haute-couture hat/accessory, another one wears a helmet displaying the flacon metal decoration and the other 2 girls look quite natural. We can understand the link between past and present, old and modern, illustration and reality. It did not look like a normal standard advertising. Like it or not, that was the way Womanity Eau de Parfum started its life on the internet and point of sales.

One year after, the Brand is launching a new visual, this time shot by Ellen Von Unwerth under the direction of Thierry Mugler. And yes, we can see not only the difference but also the Ellen Von Unwerth touch. You can read a previous article I wrote about her here. I am a big fan of her work as she is one of the few photographers to be able to shoot femininity as no one can… exciting blend of truth, aspiration and sexiness.

The new womanity visual looks more feminine, more “women’s boudoir” ambiance. There are only 3 women, much more fashionable and glamorous than the previous ones. From concept to haute-couture….

Please note the interesting detail of the beautiful metal neck-lass that links each woman together. We can also see that these women are sharing a secret, like the symbol of their complicity. Woman+ complicity=Womanity.

thierry mugler womanity new campaign 2011

We have a brighter, colorful, sparkling and sexy vision of the Fragrance concept, now let’s see if the loyal customers will recognize themselves on this new visual. You can see it on the dedicated website Womanity, but also on their facebook fan page.

Via FB, we can also see some “stolen pictures” of the photo-shooting like these:
womanity thierry mugler new visual 2011womanity thierry mugler new visual 2011 womanity thierry mugler new visual 2011






















I also spot out the following images on

womanity thierry mugler new visual 2011womanity thierry mugler new visual 2011womanity thierry mugler new visual 2011


























Do you feel this invisible link that unite all women?…. I can feel it 😉



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