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Victorinox, the makers of the Swiss Army Knife, has been very successful in product diversification and one of their success stories is Fragrances. This month, Victorinox eLLa EDT won 3 prizes at the Worldstar awards against competitors like Armani. Congratulations to the Victorinox Fragrance team who has been innovating year after year.


In the presence of Matthias Seyfang, CEO of Victorinox Fragrances, the World Packaging Organization delivered 3 awards for the latest Female fragrance of the brand.

1)     Health & Beauty
2)     Luxury
3)     Marketing



The competition received 293 product entries from 35 countries with competitors like Giorgio Armani (male fragrance „Gio Blue“), Kellogg’s or Lipton Ice Tea. For the very first time the WorldStar Packaging Organisation gave 3 awards to a packaging, which is a special honor to Victorinox. Already in 2015, Victorinox eLLa got the Swiss Awards for Best Packaging delivered by the Swiss Packaging Institute.

Victorinox fragrances is a long success story based on innovation and awards. Already in 1997, with the launch of Swiss Army classic Eau de Toilette for men, they got the Perfumery international award for Best Design. 13 years later, the Swiss Brand received the prestigious FiFi awards for Technological breakthrough with Swiss Unlimited Fragrance. It is interesting to see how Switzerland has a strong fragrance background with Victorinox. As the brand explains: “There’s something about Switzerland that feels fresh. It’s the way the weather winds its way around the Alps and through the cities. It’s the water that flows through the entire country, clean and clear. It’s the perfect blend of untouched landscape and cutting edge technology. And with fragrances by Victorinox, we’ve bottled that freshness so you can experience the scent of Switzerland anywhere in the world.”


This “Swissness” has inspired Victorinox to produce a very interesting fragrance range. Multi-rewarded internationally, now it was time to be prophet in its own land, thanks to this amazing Swiss Packaging Award. As you can see, there is a dragonne that allows you to hang the fragrance everywhere practical and you can also use it as you grab the fragrance to spray. The most outstanding feature is the incorporated mirror you can find in the center of the fragrance flacon, hidden with a clever mechanism. The flacon also has a clever on-off cap that allows you to protect the fragrance from spraying in your bag while travelling. The rubber dress of the flacon is also an interesting feature as it gives you a great handling, very sensual and protect the flacon glass to break in case it falls in the ground or simply by being inside a luggage during transit.



Victorinox eLLa is the fragrance of uncharted territories. It’s that feeling you got on that first trip to a foreign country; while gliding along in a river boat or stepping into an open market. It’s a romantic blend of fruits, flowers and spices that will awaken memories and inspire you to discover the world. Victorinox eLLa transports you into a world filled with intense colours and aromas that tantalize the senses. A scent as vivid and adventurous as a journey around the world.


The fragrance itself is a contrast of natural elements that will not let you insensitive. The first minutes of this olfactory story start with a mouth watering sparkling combination of Kumquat, fig tree and Litchi. Then, the following chapters of our story evolves towards a tremendous white floral spicy bouquet of Tuberose and Osmanthus with a hint of Ginger. The last chapter is a comfortable sensuous bed of vanilla, Amber and Rosewood. The Victorinox eLLa fragrance was developed as a long journey across the world in which the perfumer collected different items from all parts like a precious collection of natural elements. You will be delighted. The name eLLa obviously evokes the great Swiss female explorer Ella Maillart. She was a French-speaking Swiss adventurer, travel writer and photographer, as well as a sportswoman. She was considered as one of the great travelers of the 20th century. If you need to read one book from her, try Forbidden Journey – From Peking to Cashmir (her trek across Asia with Peter Fleming in 1935). You will dream about it for several month. You can read more about Victorinox eLLa and also about Victorinox fragrances by visiting the official website:

Victorinox has in its heritage the true essence of Swiss ingenuity. The Fragrance division is the true witness of this innovative legacy. Victorinox eLLa translates innovation and modernity through design. Get inspired.

José Amorim


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