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We know Hermès is a beautiful brand. For many years this brand had generated wonderful stories. Their marketing concepts look like Children fairy tales…. magic.
Last weekend, I went to discover the launch in the point of sales of VOYAGE D’HERMES. I must say that for me it might be one of the most beautiful and luxury launches of the year. Ok, it is Hermes, but apart from that, the key visual is pure poetry, the fragrance is a great hint of elegance and the POP material in the point of sales are brilliant.

First the concept.
Voyage d'Hermès
“Give winds to your dreams “, I would keep this message as a life credo. Everything is poetry. The myth of Pegasus as an Ode for Freedom.  Natural elements in their raw state that blends to create the magnificent.
Hermès hit really strong this time. They have an unique brand, barely incomparable.  Each detail is an invitation to escapism and dream. Between power and delicacy, straight forward and second degree… A simple story, universal and warm hearted executed.
Voyage d'Hermès
All the quintessence of this brand is in this film. The future, the past and the present. The film director is Eric Valli. He is a french photographer and known film director. Remember he was the one who directed the great film Himalaya. We recognize the artistic touch. Here is the video :

Then, the Bottle.
It is the first time Hermès created almost everything inHouse. The bottle was created by Philippe Mouquet. He spent almost half of his career creating magnificent objects for Hermès. It was a real challenge for him. As he is not a fragrance bottle designer, he decided to create this bottle as an art object. As timeless as elegant… a Hermès object.
Voyage d'Hermès

Finally, the Fragrance.
Nobody could create such elegant fragrance than Jean-Claude Ellena himself, the inHouse Perfumer.
The first seconds for me remind me Declaration de Cartier (same creator) : Cardamom and Cedarwood. A mysteriously elegant blend. Then we see that Voyage is more musky, more transparent, a real unisex.

We can say that Hermès are really lifting up the fragrance industry with honor and artistic elegance. Let’s hope others will follow the example.