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Based in Switzerland, LuxuryActivist is one of the rarest 100% online magazine talking about Luxury and lifestyle without any constraint. 5 years after its launch, this true webzine dressed up with a new website., the founding idea

Founded by José Amorim, luxury and digital expert, his aim was to create a digital space in which the quality and the independance of the editorial work would be key. Since 2010, LuxuryActivist proposes qualitative articles about several topics, from general Luxury, to Fashion, Beauty, Arts, Design, Music or premium hightech. Each article will provide deep analysis on a certain topic or product launch. With clear insights, this webzine based in Switzerland will keep you updated on luxury news from the Swiss as well as from the international scene., the Activist spirit

The strong idea behind the webzine is to provide s clear, expert look into luxury. From Brands to new products, LuxuryActivist will cover independently from any brand or advertising program, luxury topics with a clear insight.

 “The aim of the webzine is that once you read an article, you will have the feeling to have learned something on that day”

Jose Amorim, Chief Editor


Member of Syndicom, and of the Electronic Swiss Press, the mission is to defend a qualitative and dedicated online press to improve the digital press landscape.

A webzine shaped in the spirit of its time

The new layout was developed in the spirit of new technologies. The entire website is built on responsive design technology. This means that texts, images and the website structure will adapt to the screen of the user, no matter if it is a desktop PC, a tablet or a smartphone. Today, the world is mobile. With almost 50% of the total traffic coming from mobile devices, LuxuryActivist keeps people updated on luxury news, no matter where they are.

Happy Friday newsletter, the concept

No time to read the news during the week? Going on weekend and want something clever to read in the train? This is the happy friday newsletter. Subscribe to the newsletter and you will get every Friday afternoon the articles of the week. You will never miss a single drop of news thanks to the newsletter. you can already read a short summary of each article in the newsletter and click in the article to get the full version.

LuxuryActivist, the blog

Friday is also the day for the activist to express himself on a series called Friday Chronicles. Collected under a new blog section in the webzine, readers will be able to read sharp articles about different topics. In general, the author’s pen get to do the dirty work and tell his true opinion about certain topics, from brands communication to online advertising or even the raw reality of certain industries.


Several luxury brands trust the activist

Since the beginning of this adventure, several luxury brands trust LuxuryActivist with their launches. By giving avant-premieres of their products, the brands submit their creations to the expert eye of LuxuryActivist. Each article is independently written and all related brands never see them before publication. Only when it is online. No changes are accepted.
With this new website, LuxuryActivist moves towards the future and aligns all efforts made in the past 5 years to educate, evangelize, analyse and describe the luxury landscape and people passionate about luxury. Everything is in one place: The more we share, the best. LA