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2020 will not finish to surprise me. Hopefully, we get good surprises. There is one project you need to follow, and this one is Bonbon Noir. In the beginning, it is hard to define it. Is it a book? Is it a music album? A podcast or a film? Well, the beauty of it is that you cannot define it with one single definition. Crowd-sourcing platforms like Ulule was utilized to leverage the required investment. Bonbon Noir is pure creativity with strong roots and the imagination orbiting into a planet that we could describe Psychedelic and definitely Rock & Roll.

With Bonbon Noir, L. Erwan Kern, artistic director, and singer of the rock group Flying Pooh, creates a collaborative project and surrounds himself with talents of all kinds to give birth to a multidisciplinary and multifaceted artistic work.

Bonbon Noir: It All Starts With A Good Story (Always).

First things first. Please meet Anita Black. We are back in New York, December 1929. Until that night, Anita’s life was simply magical. Her father disappears in a tragic fire inside their book store. Her life has a shifting moment right there, right now. From her mother’s memories of a past decade made of passion and craziness, now to an era of challenges and cruelty, Anita Black will live, fight and feel her new life that is starting just now.

“We couldn’t save anything. My mother and I are oddly dressed: a long winter coat opens over a nightgown blackened by ash and a pair of leather high boots (…) She screams speechless, extinct, stiff, empty. the Twelve strokes of midnight resonate. We are in 1930. Let the celebration begin” – Anita Black

Bonbon Noir, The Music Album

This artistic project ha multiple facets and this week, it is the release of the music album. Considered as the story soundtrack, you will deep dive into this psychedelic and rock atmosphere and your journey will take you to unsuspected places. The album is called “And So Be It Anita” and here is the tracks list:

  • Grand Opening
  • An Absolute Beginner
  • Bullrock Island (feat. Lady Damiot)
  • Recknox’s Lament
  • Shadow in the Sails
  • And so Be It Anita

What can we say about the album? It was created as a journey into a psychedelic world. Built as a soundtrack, And So Be It Anita will take you by the hand and Anita Black will whisper into your ears her story and above all, her version of the story. There is a true sound in this album. From Tarantino to David Lynch, down to Ennio Morricone and even Serge Gainsbourg, Bonbon Noir crafted this album as a piece of fine art. Full of contrasts, And so Be It Anita is elegant, trash, rock and pop, electro and acoustic…. There is a hypnotic aspect that makes you day-dream.

As the single ‘An Absolute Beginner’ perfectly illustrates, “And So Be It Anita” is cinematic, bucolic, sometimes frightening and influenced by the epic themes of Morricone, David Lynch and independent cinema. It is also dark, vibrant and full of energy.

As for music, we could say that this is a psychedelic soundtrack with a stuffy side at times. When you listen to music and know the music, automatically, you see things differently. There is a little David Lynch side to it in some songs… But not only that. And So Be It Anita contains its dose of psychedelic measures, notably on the first single that we released, “An Absolute Beginner”, which evokes in a very cinematic way the life of a wacky Scottish professor and cocaine addict.

For sure, this album is far away from the FM radio standards and that is what makes it interesting. You can listen to the album in all good streaming platforms

Bonbon Noir, The Whole Project

Bonbon Noir is a multi-facetted project snd to understand the full power of it, you need to check all the elements. You will quickly see how Bonbon Noir universe is unlimited. The novel sets the foundation for everything. But it is not a standard novel. Each page you turn, gets you into the soundtrack. Therefore a beautiful Vinyl is to be launched, almost as a piece of art. It will be a collector’s musical object, almost like a curiosity. All details will be taken to the ultimate level: beautiful 300gr paper, embossing, accompanied by exclusive illustrations, 150 numbered copies signed, 4 pages sheath cover, and gold etching.

But the project does not stop here. There are already other elements to be added to. Bonbon Noir and his creator L. Erwan Kern are thinking about a film and a podcast. For, he accepted an exclusive interview that you can read here.

Do not hesitate to visit the official project website as well as the crowdsourcing platform:

Embark on a mystical trip, a musical and sensory epic adventure. Let yourself be carried away into the world of an extraordinary woman. She opens her door to you, just cross it but be careful…. it is fully addictive.

José Amorim
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