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Between 1955 and 1990, Les Edition du Griffon published 165 books to (re) discover Switzerland in its intimacy and beauty. With a focused care in writing as to the quality of photos and reproduction, these are some 165 titles that offer a genuine insight into Switzerland, its traditions, its landscapes and its people. All these books were not traded for 20 years. With the revival of Les Editions du Griffon, the Neuchatel Publishing house gives you access to the last new copies available.


The collection “Treasures of my country” – Trésors de mon Pays and Les Editions du Griffon published there over half a century in Neuchatel, is a wholly owned treasure. All over 90 titles traces the identity of Switzerland, by its regions, its cities and heritage assets, and geographical wine. Published at the beginning of the 50s, the collection has grown during a dozen years to treat almost the entire Swiss territory.


These books are a true piece of history. Both the cover of each book, illustrated with a drawing by the renowned Swiss authors or illustrators of the time, their contents conceal witnesses of the Swiss singularity. The iconic design of this decade seals each cover honoring the subject of books. The refined graphics will appeal to fans of timeless styles.

For the moment the website is only in French but most of these books are truly treasures. You will be seduced. If you are interested in Swiss story, you will be delighted by this special collection. From the illustrations done by amazing illustrators and the heliogravure printing techniques for the photographs, these books are amazing jewels.



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