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When Victorinox invented the Tinker, they offered to the customers a great compact pocket tool with a fantastic Combi-Pliers. Whether you’re simply moving through your day or journeying around the world, the Deluxe Tinker pocket knife is the Officer’s knife for tinkers on the move. You never know what you’ll encounter out there, but you know that you and your Deluxe Tinker will always be ready to build, hack, or fix anything. In the era of the “Do it Yourself”, the Deluxe Tinker is a great addition to your daily companions. This year, Victorinox is launching a special edition called the Deluxe Tinker Damast Limited Edition 2018.


Victorinox perpetuates blade high-tradition by continuing a series of limited edition in Damast steel (DS93X™). In 2018, the Swiss company has chosen the Deluxe Tinker, bringing certain unique functionalities for the first time into the Damast steel Victorinox products. Alluring in its aesthetic, its plum wood scales give it maximum standout. By combining natural wood scales with the main blade in Damast steel, Victorinox creates a very elegant, useful and outstanding pocket tool. This blase is extremely durable with its 333 forged layers combined with our new and unique elegant plum wood scales and an inlaid cross & shield, which provides beautiful contrast. Limited to just 380 pieces in North America, each knife is engraved with its own unique number, found on the divider behind the Phillips screwdriver.



The Deluxe Tinker Damast Limited Edition 2018 is an exclusive and unique pocket knife that will delight collectors and users alike and will quickly become an object of desire. Damasteel® makes steel with the knowledge of the ancient tradition of pattern welding combined with the best steel properties of today. Five steel alloys are regulary produced and three of them are kept in our extensive stock. Four of them is decorative Damascus patterned steels with more than one hundred layers. The fifth is our nonpatterned steel RWL34™ with very high quality for edge tools.

There is a lot of legends and stories around the Damascus steel. Still today we do not really know exactly how sword-smiths from middle-age would really produce such specific blades. The earlier descriptions found by historians and archeologists are dated from 300 BC in India. A blade made of this steel is characterized by distinctive patterns of banding and mottling reminiscent of flowing water. Such blades were reputed to be tough, resistant to shattering and capable of being honed to a sharp, resilient edge. Today it represents a luxury item as only Sweden is capable of producing such steel at an industrial level.

As for every Damast limited edition, the pocket tool comes in a beautiful presentation box that you can display at home as a precious piece of collection. Let’s not forget as well that as limited edition, each pocket tool comes with a unique number engraved in the metal part as per the photo above. Feel free to connect to to see more about such a fascinating universe.

This is for sure an object of desire for the the Victorinox aficionados but can also become the perfect gift for any person who likes design  and heritage.

José Amorim

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