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When brands truly appreciate their customers, they tend to please then with the pleasure of discovering new product creations every year. Victorinox became master of extending the endless boundaries of its creative universe. Since 1884 and the company’s creation by Karl Elsener, the foundation of all creation was set thanks to the original Swiss Army knife design. And since then, the company developed a fantastic and innovative range of products with beautiful designs. This year once again, Victorinox delivers a new Limited Edition series under the Alox collection. Here is our review of the Victorinox Classic Alox Limited Edition 2021.

The Victorinox Classic meets Alox, a Love Story.

The Victorinox Classic is probably one of the most well-known product around the world. It is the standard for 58mm pocket tools. The Classic was first introduced in 1935 without the toothpick or tweezers, which were added in 1942 to all models. Two main designs were created within this range: The Classic and the Classic SD. The difference between the two is the nailfile tool. In the Classic you have a nail cleaner tip and in the Classic SD, you have a ScrewDriver (SD). The overall pocket tool is the perfect companion for every day’s adventure, no matter if you are in an office or in the middle of a wild forest. Its size fits perfectly in your pocket or even as a key ring.

The celebrated Alox scales have reached near cult status, thanks to their unique surface which is pleasing to both hand and eye. The Alox material has a strong importance in the history of Victorinox. First introduced for the Pioneer knife in 1957, Alox was a key feature of the Soldier’s Knife which was redesigned in 1961 and used until 2008. After being punched from aluminium and embossed, Alox scales go through a process called Eloxal which uses anodic oxidation to create a protective layer. It is this final layer that allows for the colouring of the scales.


The appeal of Alox is in its merging of aesthetics with functionality – its attractive embossed surface make the pocket tool both lightweight and easy to grip, and the hardened oxide layer helps to protect against damage and corrosion. Every year, Victorinox brings a new limited edition with a different colour. In 2021 the Alox Limited editions sport a Tiger Orange colour.

The Victorinox Classic Alox 2021 Limited Edition: Who Let The Tiger Out?

With this new year’s limited edition, Victorinox dressed the Alox scales with a bright Tiger Orange. This color is for sure the hit color of the season and became a current reference among many artists. If you try to describe this color, you cannot. It is a special tone of orange. According to Pantone, this is a special color

Image par 1980supra de Pixabay

For 2021 the Classic Alox Limited Edition has a radical new look, adorned with a revitalizing tiger orange shade that symbolizes power, enthusiasm and excitement. Slip this latest iteration of the trusty knife into your pocket and channel the spirit of the big cat: stealthy, confident and ready for snipping, filing or cutting. Featuring high-grade Alox scales, enhanced for durability and resilience, it will bring out the tiger in you.


The new Victorinox Classic Alox Limited Edition 2021 features the well known and useful following features:

  1. Small blade
  2. Scissors
  3. Nail file
  4. Screwdriver 2.5 mm
  5. Key ring

What can we say more about this pocket tool? The colour, the design and the materials make this limited edition a must-have this year. It is for sure a look that will not let anyone indifferent. The Alox 2021 limited editions include three types of pocket tools: The Classic 58mm, the Pioneer X 93mm and the Hunter Pro 130mm.


This year you definitely need this limited edition. The Alox associated with such unusual orange creates a very original and sharp effect, like the look of a Tiger, hidden in the rainforest. Do not hesitate to connect to to learn more about this model and other novelties featured on the website.

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